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1947 Buick Convertable

Guest ottretro

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Guest ottretro


Could anybody please help me identify this vehicle? We are in the UK and have this vehicle to restore for a client, its pretty bad but the straight 8 engine turns and seems like it will fire up.. The only information I have is from the chassis plate, and reads as follows:

Chassis 74785970

1047 MOD76C

Style N4767

Body 111409

Trim 58

Fisher Body.

Any information would be most welcome, and of course any parts that are available even more so.

Thankyou min advance. Lance

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Ask on Buick - Post War - AACA Forums

Have you the engine number (near the distributer) ?

Is RHD or LHD ?

Google 1947 Buick 76C should show results

Dave Corbin " Early Buick Numbers Guy" may respond with details of when & where is was built


Afer a google search: Here is a similar car that was sold in the USA


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1047=10 Paint,Body upper color River Mist Gray,Body lower panel Dusty Gray:47 Year : Mod. 76C Convertible.

Style N? 4767 ,47 Year: 67 Model series.

Trim 58=Tan Bedford Cord and Red Leather.

Chassis.74785970 first digit 7=ser 70=Roadmaster .

Body 111409= Factory identifikation.

Leif in Sweden.

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Dr. Corbin will have to weigh in on this, but the paint code may be more complicated than initially thought.

47-10 is River Mist Gray (Upper) and Dusty Gray (Lower), a striking two-tone scheme, especially when paired with red leather & tan Bedord Cord. Whether 1047 is the same or has the colors reversed, will have to wait for Dave's input...

River Mist Gray (a handsome dark metallic) is a '42-'46-only color, but used in combo with Dusty Gray in '47 (47-10) according to my Master Parts Book. (River Mist is shown in my 1942 Martin-Senour paint book, but I couldn't find it at Auto Color Library).

Regardless, it will be one beautiful Buick, most worthy of restoration.


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Guest ottretro

No engine number at present cant get to engine as car blocked in corner, but is left hand drive, Are there many parts available for these cars? do you know?.

Cheers Lance

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Guest Commodore

Are there parts available for your Buick? Yes, there were quite a few Buick sold. Ask that question on the Buick - Post War - AACA Forum.

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