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Winged Wheel radiator cap

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I picked up a nice collection of early car parts that were stored for many years. They are mostly NOS items from the mid '30's to the early 60's. Old American cars are not common here in Kenya and so there are few experts to consult. I've found that several of the parts are Studebaker and hope someone can help with a few questions.

These radiator caps are really stylish and in great condition. I'm not planing to sell them, but would like to know a bit more about them since I have them on display in my workshop and they always draw comments. They look identical and have the same part number cast in the bottom (4315-A), but one is painted shiny black and one is chrome with black letters. I think both are New Old Stock and so I believe the black one was painted that way from the factory. I've been told they are for 1935 trucks, but would like to know for sure and to find out why the different colours. Was the black one for a truck and the chrome one for a car?

Also, there is a logo in underside of the radiator cap castings which looks like a circle with a "C" just inside it and then the letters SM inside of the C. I have several other parts with this casting symbol, but don't know for sure if that indicates they are Studebaker, or perhaps this is just a casting company logo. Just wondering if this is a clue as I try to identify the old parts.

Appreciate any help. Tom



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That cap is part number 628325. It was standard equipment on all of the 2T, 2M and 2W 1936 series and all 1937 J Series and 1938-40 K series trucks including both conventional and cab forward models. The painted version was available for only a fairly short period of time and carried part #628325P. Both are fairly rare esp in new condition. They were never used as original equipment on the 1T 1935 models or on passenger cars.


rbk; All of the 1934 passenger cars used the same cap and all had the bird mascot.

IMG_4579 labeled.jpg

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