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Car Parts Inventory Software


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There was a fairly simple, relatively inexpensive program out there some time ago - I'd have to fire up one of the old computers to verify the name of it. Essentially, it was to track the restoration of a car...I think it allowed some inventory functionality.

I remember it being an online download and they sent you a code to activate it.

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Guest 70 Electra
Has anyone come upon a simple software program for tracking/organizing all of our NOS and spare car parts?

Software? We don't need no steenk-ing software!

I've successfully used a simple Excel spread sheet. I make columns for p/n, UPC, quantity, part name, condition, comments, storage location, etc. It is a very easy matter to sort or filter by individual column, change the order, or search within the document. You can print it out to carry with you to swap meets, etc. This easy and free (if you have Excel) method has served me well for 15+ years.

The key is to use a limited number of descriptive terms in the columns in which you plan to sort or search. For example, in the "Condition" column, don't use 4 different terms for the same thing (example: "v.good", "very good", "VGC", "v. gd.")

Sorting or filtering different ways allows me to do things like make a sub-list of all my NOS parts, or sort my list by the container (box #1 through box #77, for example)

Anyone else use this basic, but effective, method?

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I don't use a spreadsheet, but have been thinking about it. How do you think the database program with Microsoft works would be? I always note it is difficult to maintain the discipline to constantly update the file, especially when you are in the midst of a project.

As for Excel, the two caveats I might suggest are:

1) be careful "sorting". One misplaced command and data does not move correctly with your sort.

and 2 ) always use a copy of your spreadsheet for sorting because if you fail at caveat one, you at least have the original data untouched.

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If you are going to use a datavase, use Access not the works product.

You wont be happy as its not a real database. Soemday you will try to ope it and you will get the Blue screen of Death and your data and all the work you put into it will be gone.

Also, with access you can add pictures to the parts. Nothing worse then having a part labeled, "Bracket that holds the welting on by the windshield" and not knowing exactly where it goes or how it attaches. A picture attached to the record will solve that.

Have the discipline to actually do it is another matter all together.

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