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  1. Very, very dangerous. You can easily be killed by the spring. When I was a teenager and mentioned to the mechanics I knew at a Buick dealer in NYC that I was going to replace the front springs in my '55 Super Conv., they lined up to say good-bye to me. They would use the lift to release an A frame, while squatting down, hiding behind another car for protection. You will need to release the lower A frame at the pivot bolts. You must use a spring compressor - not to do all of the work (see below) but for added safety. Removal of the spring does not require the weight of the engine, but wit
  2. The 56 Dynaflow will bolt to the 53 engine, but that is not the only issue. The transmission mounts and crossmember may not be the same. The tail of the Dynaflow and torque ball must be the same. You could check part nos. in the Master Parts book to see. But then there is another issue. The 55 and later Dynaflow had a variable pitch stator in the torque convertor, allowing for kickdown. I'm a '54 expert, not a '56, but I believe that there is a throttle linkage/switch arrangment on the '56 for the kickdown that the '53 does not have. Then one other issue to look at - the transmission oil
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