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  1. I have one on a wall hanger. It is from the trunck lid and I am not positive it is the same diameter as the front grill emblem. Send me a PM if this is what you need and I will make you a deal you can't refuse. Steve
  2. Lamar, I am interested in the seat skirt trim pieces. Please PM me a total with shipping to 62521. Thanks, Steve
  3. I am looking for a hood ornament for a 1953 Special, do you have one by chance? Thanks, Steve
  4. Both the bench and back are the 60/40 split. Memory not as good as it should be at times.
  5. My 1956 seats are wrapped up and stored but here are a few pictures I found. The bench is one piece and back is 60/40 split. I think these are the same for 1954, 1955, and 1956. Probably a little different than later years.
  6. Don, I don't know if it would fit, but I have a 60/40 rear seat out of a 1956 Century Estate (4 door) wagon that I would sell.
  7. Looking for a complete hood ornament for a 1953 Special, straight 8, not V8. Anybody got an extra on a shelf? Thanks, Steve
  8. Thanks for the link, I had forgotten about Metro. Lots of good rubber parts but I don't see anything for the rear of a wagon. I think I am going to have to get creative with this.
  9. Jim, that does help. I did find some old pics of my car and it looks like it had weather strip on both the body and on the lift gate/tail gate. I had assumed it would use a profile like what is used on the doors but just on the movable panels. It may be somebody added more to seal the gap when the old stuff dried out. Let me know what your buddy uses on his Caballero. Surely Steele has a profile similar that is sold by the foot. Thanks, Steve
  10. Sorry, mine is gone. Hopefully you will be able to get your back in running condition. Steve
  11. I need weather stripping around my tailgate and lift gate on my 1956 Century wagon. Right now there is not anything there and my problem is I don't know what type and where the weather strip is needed. I am not sure if it gets applied to the car body or to the lift gate and tail gates. I checked with Steel Rubber and they do not list anything for the rear of the wagon. They do have a generic door weatherstripping. Does anybody have a source or photos of what I need? Thanks, Steve
  12. I plan on taking my '56 wagon. Looking forward to the show, will be my first official Buick meet. Need to get my form submitted.
  13. I have a nice one from a 1963 Dynaflow but I don't know if it is a direct interchange. Can get measurements if you are interested.
  14. Voodo, where are you located? I think I know where there is a 263 in central Illinois.
  15. Price reduced to $1,000. Somebody needs this for a winter project.
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