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  1. Long Roof

    1956 Wagon Weatherstrip

    Thanks for the link, I had forgotten about Metro. Lots of good rubber parts but I don't see anything for the rear of a wagon. I think I am going to have to get creative with this.
  2. Long Roof

    1956 Wagon Weatherstrip

    Jim, that does help. I did find some old pics of my car and it looks like it had weather strip on both the body and on the lift gate/tail gate. I had assumed it would use a profile like what is used on the doors but just on the movable panels. It may be somebody added more to seal the gap when the old stuff dried out. Let me know what your buddy uses on his Caballero. Surely Steele has a profile similar that is sold by the foot. Thanks, Steve
  3. Long Roof

    1956 322 Engine and Rebuilt Dynaflow

    Sorry, mine is gone. Hopefully you will be able to get your back in running condition. Steve
  4. Long Roof

    1956 Wagon Weatherstrip

    I need weather stripping around my tailgate and lift gate on my 1956 Century wagon. Right now there is not anything there and my problem is I don't know what type and where the weather strip is needed. I am not sure if it gets applied to the car body or to the lift gate and tail gates. I checked with Steel Rubber and they do not list anything for the rear of the wagon. They do have a generic door weatherstripping. Does anybody have a source or photos of what I need? Thanks, Steve
  5. Long Roof

    Buick wagons will invade Iowa July 19-21

    I plan on taking my '56 wagon. Looking forward to the show, will be my first official Buick meet. Need to get my form submitted.
  6. Long Roof

    Dynaflow Dipstick

    I have a nice one from a 1963 Dynaflow but I don't know if it is a direct interchange. Can get measurements if you are interested.
  7. Long Roof

    WTB Running 248 or 263 straight 8

    Voodo, where are you located? I think I know where there is a 263 in central Illinois.
  8. Long Roof

    1956 322 Engine and Rebuilt Dynaflow

    Price reduced to $1,000. Somebody needs this for a winter project.
  9. Long Roof

    1956 322 Engine and Rebuilt Dynaflow

    Rowan, Work on getting over the health issues. Get back with me then and if I still have them we will work something out. By the way, that color combination is what I have on my wagon now. I really like it. Our two cars would show well together. Steve
  10. Buick 322 and Dynaflow transmission removed from a 1956 Buick Century wagon. The transmission was rebuilt less than 1000 miles ago, the engine ran fine but has not been overhauled. I was saving this for a project and it is no longer needed. Time to clean house. The engine coms as shown in the picture and has a 4 barrel intake with Carter 4 bbl 2085S carb. The starter switch on the carb works. Drivers side exhaust manifold is the hard to find dual exhaust manifold. Engine comes with both exhaust manifolds, rebuilt starter and generator. NOT included are the air cleaner, spark plug covers, power steering pump and brackets. The water pump is new. Some of the freeze plugs have been replaced as they were rusted through and leaking. Sold together for $1200 which is less than I paid for the transmission overhaul. Local pickup only. I have and engine lift and can help load onto your trailer or pickup truck bed. Located in Decatur, IL. Send a PM with questions or more information.
  11. Go for it. My son had just purchased the Shasta, put new wheel bearing in it and drove 6 hours to a car show pulling with a 1953 Super, stock engine. He had no issues at all and had a blast.
  12. Long Roof

    56 Super Throttle Linkage

    Beemon, thanks for the suggestion about resetting the throttle shaft on the splined connection. I reset it at full throttle and it made quite a bit of difference. Was not too hard to do but I would have never thought about an adjustment there on my own.
  13. Long Roof

    56 Super Throttle Linkage

    I thought I would add some information to either clarify or confuse the issue. The illustration is a little different than the one shown in the first post. I am having the some of the same problems mentioned. Have replaced the carpet and padding as well as rebuilding the carb. Got things put back together last weekend and don't seem to have full throttle when the gas pedal is pushed to the floor. I see that there is some adjustment of the linkage at the top of the throttle lever. I did also notice that my bellows was mushed up under the carpet. Steve Trottle Linkage1.pdf
  14. Long Roof

    1956 Estate Wagon Split 60/40 Seats

    Thanks for the pictures Mike. Looks like I am missing most of the hardware that goes between the seats. Too bad, the seats them selves are in good shape. Always thought the split seats were a neat option. I may reconsider and just re-upholster my original one piece back seat. I am afraid it would be difficult to pick up the missing parts. Will have to mull it over this weekend.
  15. My wagon came with the one piece rear seat. Several years ago I purchased a split seat from another 1956 Century wagon to put in as a replacement. Well, that project has risen to the top of the list and now that I have the seats spread out in the shop I have questions. It looks like I may be missing the brackets that would go between the left and right seat sections. Does anybody have a parts diagram or good photos that would show the split seats and associated hardware used to mount them? I need to find out what I am missing. I could always install the old one piece seat but liked the idea of the split seat. I was going to reupholster the rear seat this winter but don't want to start on the split seat if I can't get all of the brackets. Thanks, Steve