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Can anyone ID what thease Coils were used on?


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My Marmon coils have a 2178 Delco number. A Chiltons interchange shows the coil to be the same as the ones on buicks. Possibly the difference in number was only on the ones that originally came with the cars. When you replaced a coil, they may have all been the same. Does anybody know whether or not this is true?

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The Buick Delco coil fits on the generator housing which is a cylindrical surface. There is a ballast resistor on the corner of your coil, I have several of these coils, but the resistor is usually gone or broken. It is a wound resistor on some sort of ceramic base.

I see a lot of 20's Buicks at shows, not many of them have these coils on them now, but that is what they came with originally.


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