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Hey all,

I have some extra parts from a 1962 Starfire that I have no need for

very nice deck lid

full dashboard lite blue

glass with tracks

lots of interior trim

look here and see what you might need, the aluminum side panels are not for sale yet... 2009-05-15 NJ SF Parts pictures from classic cars photos on webshots

Some parts here have already been sold

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Are these you're pieces, or someone else's?

Starfire emblems are available from Fusick. I've got a pair of the grille opening ends. I'd have to look for them. I don't know how nice they are.


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This is a mashup of pix from Vinny's url, for labeling purposes. Maybe not so clever...

I bought the grill end today at DVAP in PHX. It is sweet to be so near and so far here in Tucson.

I want to mount a vintage script if possible. I still need the moulding from the front edge of the body stripe, both sides.

Vinny, still have the chrome, the script and the console?


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