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Sticky brakes on 89 Reatta

SF prof

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I own two Reattas - an 89 (my daily driver) and a 90 (that my daughter drives). My 89 has approx 75k miles and currently has a problem with the passenger front brake that sticks on occassion - getting really hot. I flushed the brake system last summer when I replaced the front brakes pads and have recently replaced the front brake calipers (the passenger side twice). The only thing I can think of is to replace the brake hose on that side. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Most likely a hose. Other than the main valve (and that has distinct effects), the ABS dumps pressure and does not hold it.

OTOH the two front brakes, unlike other systems, each has its own m/cyl chamber/piston and if one did not return fully, it could hold pressure on one side.

When it happens try hooking your foot under the brake pedal and pull up. Does anything happen ?

But probably is either a hose or a sticking piston (even a repacement caliper can have issues). Hose is easy.

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