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Dumb question.

Guest Zach 16

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Guest imported_Thriller

Hey Zach...I had a friend a number of years back who always started with "stupid question" or "dumb question"...I hated it. One day I told him that if he had a question and he thought I might know the answer, it certainly isn't a stupid question.

I don't mean to be preachy or condescending...just passing along that some of us (well, me anyway) believe there is no such thing as a dumb question.

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Guest Zach 16

No, it was a '50 super riviera w/dynaflow,but someone else bought it, the one I was able to buy is a '50 special sedanette deluxe w/ standard shift

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I have to disagree. There definitely is such a thing as a dumb question. Additionally 'the only dumb question is one that is never asked' is also totally untrue.

Example of dumb question variety one are

-questions whose answer is already known, the asker is repeating the answer in hopes that reality has changed its physics, or just talking to hear himself speak. dumb, and nerve racking.

and variety two are-

-questions whose answer has just been spelled out in long detail, and the asker wasnt paying attention or was ignoring the speaker all together and asks a question whose answer has just clearly been outlined.

the phrase 'there isn't such a thing as a dumb qurstion' is outdated. there definitely is, however, this question does not qualify. it is a very worthwhile question.

i agree with thriller though. prefixing it with the 'dumb question thing devalues it, and is annoying as hell.

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