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Identify my grandfather's cars


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Here are two pics of my grandfather's cars. Can anyone help ID them?

first: My mother and her father in the front seat, photo dated May 1928. The only possible clues are that Grampa had a Pierce Arrow (year unknown) at one time and he also had a 1920-22 Velie 48. I don't think this car is either but I couldn't say for sure.:

second: My father with his father's car in the background, circa 1929:

Any help at all will be appreciated.



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It's not a '24 Maxwell - the bottom of the windshield is straight across on that Maxwell, also, the moldings aren't right. I thought it might be a Studebaker, but research said no. Maybe a '27-28 Oakland? I googled a pic of 1925-27 Pierce 80 sedans and they look right, can anyone confirm?

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Wow, Bob, that does look exactly like my paternal grampa's car, but I always thought his car was a sedan. Looking closer, I am still not sure, but I guess it could be a touring car. Thanx, Bob, for solving this mystery. Is there a way to pinpoint the exact year or am I asking too much?

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