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Steering gear Replacement

Bill Stoneberg

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My 64 Riv has developed a major leak from the steering gear. Before I replace it is it better to go with a later box and why ? My wife thinks the steering is to quick now so will this make the problem worse ?

What year Riviera would be good to switch to ? Or should I just go with an original rebuilt one ?

BTW, its not the hoses or the pump though I will probably replace all at once.

One last question.. What is the difference between "Quick Ratio" and what I have now ?

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According to the manual and by my testing I have 3 1/2 turns lock to lock.

So if you read the manual it looks like a 17.1 ratio. The aftermarket gears I find are on the order of 12.1 ratio. This would imply to me an even faster turn then what I have now or am I figuring backwards ?

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Yes, it sounds like you have the stock box in there now.

You can put a box in from a later full size Buick and get fewer turns lock to lock. Then it will drive more like your modern car and not need so much turn of the wheel to go around the corner or to park. Most people like that.

Yes, the 12:1 would turn faster. So you only have to give the steering wheel 1/2 or 3/4 of a turn to go around the corner. It also takes a bit more steering effort, so it gives you more road feel. (As you know, we can steer these cars around the corner with a single finger.)

I'm not sure why your wife thinks she won't like it because it will actually make it more like what she's used to driving and a bit easier to maneuver.

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"Later Full Sized Buick" Ok, can you give me an example ? Something I can ask for when I go to O' Reillys ?

Do all the lines fit, along with the pittman arm ? I am going to replace all the lines, the pump along with the steering gear.

Sorry for all the questions but I want to make sure before I start taking things apart and leave my car stranded on jackstands in my garage.

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Give the folks at Lares Manufacturing a call; they specialize in gearboxes. They're a supporter of the ROA and would be glad to answer your questions and make sure you get exactly what you need. Why take a chance at your local jobber when you have real professionals that can answer your questions, have exactly what you need, and will stand behind their product when it's not being installed in the vehilce for which it was designed.

A friend of mine manages a local Car Quest and it's their policy not to exchange or warranty any product if it's not going on the car it's designed for.

Lares Mfg. has an ad on page 31 in the classifieds of the latest Riview (which I just received within the last couple of days.)


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