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Are You Mopar Guys Collecting Cordobas?

Guest BJM

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I saw an ad on Craigs List for a 78 with 80,000 miles, no photos - but description was of a 2+ car for $1500 obo.

That got me wondering if these cars are even collected, maybe as "B" or "C" cars in a collection with a muscle car or an older Mopar.

Or maybe they are just not on the radar screen. I know many, many are gone. In fact, I can only barely picture the grille and profile in my mind, I can not really "picture" the Cordoba anymore.

Anybody have a photo?

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Thanks Steve. Since this is a 78, it would have the rectangular headlights. Visually, I identify with the round headlamped verions. This one does not have "rich Corinthian leather".

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I recently picked up a 78 Magnum, 42000 miles, and at a good price. I'm going to be using it as a daily driver. Very nice car! This was Dodge's version of the Cordoba!


Follow the link for pictures.

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