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  1. wish you were closer. I'd be on the way to pick it up
  2. This show sounds like it will be GREAT! here is a question I haven't seen yet. I'm local, and a few friends & me are coming to spectate. is there spectator parking? I'm planning on driving my 64 Dodge Max Wedge clone. See you guys there! I haven't been to the museum in a few years. Looking forward to seeing the cars & the planes
  3. just received the manual today. It is MUCH nicer than I expected for the price. Thanks & Happy New Year (late)
  4. I may have one. I'll check tomorrow. 1/4/15
  5. OK. i guess I was rather lucky. I did notice something strange about the engine/trans. There is an adapter plate between them. i was told that the pickups got the heavy duty big block 727, with the adapter plate to mount the slant 6.
  6. are you referring to the Blue car? Desoto. or my Imperial? the A-100 was advertised as complete, but was missing the whole heater. luckily I found one on ebay.
  7. I have a list of parts suppliers for A-100's. Mostly part numbers for parts available at local Auto Parts houses, but also info on the few body panels available. I wasn't able to take good undercarriage pics, but the brownish looking stuff isn't rust. factory primer.
  8. Keisler, Thanks for the link. Very interesting read. for your viewing enjoyment, check out my pics on Flickr. Flickr: maxwedge11's Photostream
  9. jpage, Thanks for the info. Keisler, looks great, but this one really caught my eye. Can't beat re-sale red!!!!!
  10. quite a few years ago, I had a 67 A-108, 318, 3 speed manual. at that time, I had the only V-8 powered van in town. Had a ball with it!
  11. I finally found one!!! Had to go to Florida to get it, but I needed to make a road trip. It's a 1966 A-100, the previous owner was going to make a "Little Red Wagon" type vehicle out of it. He had stripped down, ready to start it's restification. Unfortunately, he passed away before any more could be done to it. My plans are to put it back reasonably close to stock, using it's "leaning tower of power" & automatic. Body work will start sometime early next year. Enjoy the pics. I will update as progress is made.
  12. I have a 12 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel. Here it is pulling a new toy on my open trailer. It's a 1966 Dodge A-100 pickup.
  13. Prefer a running, rust free truck, 6 or 8, auto preferred, As close to Va Beach, Va as possible. Are there any out there? robertkinkeratcox.net or PM me here. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the phone call Terry. I'll contact the oroginal poster now! Ain't this club great!!
  15. Sounds interesting. Where are you located?
  16. Now I'm upset. I thought it was a prototype for a Crossfire!!!
  17. Here's a better shot of it. I was gettin' it off the line!!!!
  18. You won't find a V-8 insignia on the fender of any 64 B body, that was an A body thing. The engine call out was on the hood ornament. Plain for 225 & 318, 361 & up had displacement on the bottom of hood ornament. The Belvedere that was found looks pretty nice to me. Of cource, I'm biased, I have 6 of them. I'm just a glutton for punishment. LOL Good luck with the project!!!!! Here's my race car resting in it's new home.
  19. The brake light switch should be a hydraulic operated switch. It will be mounted somewhere off the brake lines. A factory shop manual would really help you with this car. Available from time to time on Ebay. If I'm mistaken about type & location of switch, someone will chime in and correct me. But the factory manual is still a good idea.
  20. Here are a couple shots of my old 26 coupe. No wire wheels, though.
  21. 1065851 46-48 Dodge 6 cyl 1065511 ???? 1065512 ???? 1252777 49 Dodge 1252778 49 Dodge 1065851 46-48 Dodge 6 cyl 1244205 ??? 1335457 ??? 1155312 ?? 1156513 ??? 1335320 ?? 1335944 ?? 1138420 49-50 Dodge 3570454 70 Plymouth 2 door hardtop I was using an online part number id program. The ones with question marks showed no results. That could mean a superceeded part number, truck part, or someone stamped the wrong number when new. This happens a LOT!!!!! I was hoping for 64 Plymouth or 62 Dodge parts. Darn the bad luck.
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