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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Steve Braverman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">1935 Chevrolet sedan delivery </div></div>


I'm not doubting you, but I'd like to know how you tell the difference between 1935 and 1936? I know that wire wheels went out in 1936, but they were still used in 1936 (at least early in the year).

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Here's one more tidbit of information -- I do know that the market's previous car (a Studebaker, I believe) was wrecked in May 1935, so it's likely that this vehicle was purchased after then, though I do not know if it was a new vehicle when purchased.

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It's a neat vehicle, and is vary desirable today.

While I've looked up some differences, the research material has left me a little confused.

1935 trucks had four full-length vertical louvers at the back of the hood

1936 trucks had horizontal louvers with the bow-tie logo above the top louver

This vehicle has horizontal louvers, but no bow-tie emblem. The space above the top louver seems too small for the emblem, so I suspect that there must have been some differences/changes in the 1935 line-up.

Keeping in mind your time frame of Summer of 1935, plus wire wheels (which would have been relatively rare for 1936), you can feel comfortable in captioning this as a 1935 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery, which would have cost just over $500 when new.

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As you said, it has to be either '34 or '35, as they were based on the Standard Six model range.

The Bowtie you seek is in the center of the winged grille emblem; I have one (the emblem).

This is from the '35 brochure...


The '36's were vastly different...


I think Steve's tag was right all along, but it's really impossible to tell the difference,

as '35 Standards used the same stampings as the '34's.


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Yes. Chevrolet's 1936 automobiles were completely different. Since the "mystery car" is based on the car and not a truck, it is definitely not a 1936. The bow-tie I was referring to on the 1936 truck is on the side of the hood.

I'm curious, does the 1936 truck on the bottom right corner have wire wheels? It's hard to tell in the photo.

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Wires were still being put on in 1936, I think to get rid of the supply. Probably only at the very beginning, and rarely seen today. We had a 1936 Business Coupe with wire wheels. I wonder how many people have removed wire wheels from their 1936 Chevrolet and replaced them with the artillery wheels because they thought the wires were wrong.???

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One thing you all seem to have missed. What year did Chevrolet start using Knee action independent front suspension as this one seems to have. the uneven tyre wear and the negative camber of the front wheel would suggest that it has done some miles.

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