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Carb ID


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Guest Stllrng.

It is certainly not an Edelbrock, they have never made a carb anything like that. It appears to me that it is more likely an Autolite 2100, as used on Ford v-8's during the 1960's.

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I found this site by searching for more information on my carb. It is exactly like the one pictured by Skydog. A Ford 2100, EDB (which earmarks it as 1957), from Ford 292. If anyone knows the correct rebuild kit number I would appreciate it.


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Thankyou DocsGal for the effort and results. I will follow up. The local auto supplier here had two kits for EDB, but neither were the right one. Seems this carb has an accelerator pump that is smaller than all the others. Must have been the first or close to first 2100 Autolite produced, because everything later has the larger pump.

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