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  1. I have a fordomatic that I was told was from a 59 Edsel it is complete with bell housing, flywheel, and torque converter. If you are interested email me for pictures. skydog301@comcast.net
  2. Skydog

    Carb ID

    Thanks for the input. It did come off of a Y-block 292. I thought about rebuilding it but could not find a number anywhere on it. Guess I will just get another one. Three Duces maybe???
  3. Skydog

    Carb ID

    Can someone ID this two barrel for me. I can find no numbers or tags anywhere on it. The only markings are three raised letters EDB on the side. Thank you. Jim
  4. Could someone ID this transmission for me. It came out of a 58 Edsel and I was wondering if it is original to the car. The data plate shows these numbers PAZ 7003 A2 and PAH 7006D. W4. The engine numbers I could find are 106 14187D Not sure if the last letter is a D or 0 as it is hard to tell. I think it is a 292 but not sure. Thank you.
  5. I can't seem to find the file attachment link to add a picture. I selected preview post but could not see it. What am I doing wrong. I am using Mozilla 5.0
  6. Can someone ID the make and year of theses window cranks? I believe them to be Ford but unsure of the year.
  7. I will probably will do that. I just enjoy the challenge. Jim
  8. Anyone know where I can find a break down of the 56 Ford heater control valve that is under the dash? It is the valve that controls the vacuum to the water valve on the engine. I could replace it but I would rather overhaul it if possible, Thanks.
  9. I set aircraft on fire, fail electrical systems, cause hydraulic leaks, collapse landing gears, and generally make grown men and women cry. Not to worry, I do it in a flight simulator. Jim
  10. Looks to me just like the one on my 56 ford but I cannot find a number on mine and I do not have a book to check the number.
  11. Western Auto was taken over by Advance Auto Parts. You mighttry contacting them with the numbers and they should be able to convert them.
  12. Here is a link to the hupmobile web site. They should be able to help. http://clubs.hemmings.com/clubsites/hupmobile/index.cfm Jim
  13. I havev a stamped grill for a 1941 Ford. Never been installed. Not show quality but a gread daily driver.
  14. I just tried to vote but I think I just insulted sombodys Grandmother... or ordered a cheese pizza, not sure which. Maybe I should not have cut all of those classes.
  15. Been on a few of those useless adventures. I am in the Memphis area so if anyone ever needs someone to look in this area I will be glad to save you a trip. Got a 5 meg camera, sees all of the sorid details.
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