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deductions adding them up

Jay Wolf

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How much to ding a car with one modernization?

Point in case a late 60’s muscle car.

Beautiful frame off restoration.

But what you get to the tires and wheels.

1. It has modern radials.

2. Spotless period Cragar SS wheels.

3. Chrome valve caps.

4. Chrome Valve stems.

5. In place of the standard Cragar SS hub caps it had large fake knock-off spinners.

Would you deduct for everything or just the tires and wheels?

What would your total be?

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The judging guidelines are on this website. There are some items on the judging that are mandatory deductions and there are some items that aren't. Depending on the vehicle and the availability of items will dictate what deductions are made.

I know for example if you had a '55 Chevy with halogen headlights, the halogen headlight bulbs would receive the same point deduction as if there were no headlight bulbs at all. Some items recieve full deduction, while other items would recieve a partial deduction.

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I would deduct 15 points for the incorrect radials assuming the spare is also radial and visible, 12 points for the hubcaps and 5 for the valve caps, again assuming the spare is visible and also has the wrong caps. Total of 32 which might or might not ruin the car's chances for a 1st Jr. depending on the day's competition. All point deductions that could have been easily prevented. It's not like the correct tires, etc. are not available. I suspect such a car would have more wrong with it than just the tires and wheels.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ex98thdrill</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I know for example if you had a '55 Chevy with halogen headlights, the halogen headlight bulbs would receive the same point deduction as if there were no headlight bulbs at all.</div></div>

True in a sense since they only have two headlamps and headlmaps are listed at a 5 point maximum deduction. However Halogen bulbs, as I know that you know, fall into the mandatory deduction catagory of 10 points total. It does not matter if there is one or as many as four, the deduction is the same.

Just clarifying for folks new to this and there are some here now that just joined the forums.

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For discussion purposes only:

The spare is covered so it is not judged.

I think to be real hard you could:

Hub caps -3 each or 12 total

Rims -2 each or 8 total

Valve stems -1 each or 4 total

Valve caps -1 each or 4 total

Radials -3 each or 12 total

So it could be a total of -40 total

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Jay and others, that would not be being hard. The first thing to consider is if the part is correct or not. If it incorrect it is the same as not being there, condition does not matter, therfore it is the full deduction. It is the same if it was a Model T with a beautiful paint job, you would have to take the full deduction for paint if that bueatiful paint job color was Plum Crazy (70's Chrysler color).

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I guess my point is. When you deduct the max on the wheels do you also deduct for the center caps or are they part of the wheels,

I think the confusion comes from the AACA judging sheet was made for pre war cars and sometimes the items doesn't translate well to the newer stuff.

Like where do bumpers start and body end on the newer stuff.

Same issue for judging Motorcycles.

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The answer is yes.since there is no catergory for "WHEEL" but you have indivdual catergory of each item.

the tire(rubber part)

the rim (metal or wood part)

the hubcap ( covering)

the valve stem (here is the tricky part if the car is to have tubes you don't actullay take off for the tube. you take off for the vavle stem which is the only part of the tube you can see. differance is wether you can see the edge of the hole, if it is tubless the valve stem is sealed to the edge of the hole.)

the valve stem cap.

I know the score sheet can be confusing like when you're judging a '69 firebird and you com across window curtains and snubbers. The pre war items are underlines on the sheet which helps.

as for bumpers on the modern cars, I'd say the front cover is the bumper and where that edge is is the end. But I would make sure that I got with the exterior judge to make sure we are clear on who is actually looking at it so I as the chassis judge don't take a point for a piant chip and then he takes one too for that same chip on the exterior.

Motorcycles have thier own judging sheets not the ones used for the cars.

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