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yellow taxicab


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David, If they cannot, or will not, release information as to who they sold it to, give them all of your contact info. and ask them to give it to the new owner and ask that they contact you.

I used to work for the phone company and that is one way to contact some one where you can't contact them directly.

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I plan to do that. I do hope they will be helpful.

With respect to pictures, they are stored away, lord knows where, so I can't furnish that to this site. It is quite distinctive, rather short, with short hood, open space for driver and meter and, of course, the passenger compartment with one door on each side (if I remember correctly, opening in a suicide fashion--I may not be remembering that correctly)

Solid wheels, common with a lot of autos of those days. It has a removable panel in the ceiling--was used for filming (taxi came from a movie studio). I was painted "yellow taxi" yellow

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The Imperial Palace is a casino in Las Vegas that has or used to have a bunch of collector's cars such as one of Hitler's staff cars, Howard Hughs' germ free Chrysler, Marilyn Monroe's car, etc.

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