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  1. WTB 1929-1930 Model A Ford taxicab Briggs body David smokind38@yahoo.com
  2. Still trying to nail down the metropolitan taxi issue. EDB 1946 was a positive source for me. Does anyone know EDB1946 ? Can you direct him to me? David smokind38@yahoo.com
  3. Trying to find out anything that demonstrate usage of Nash Metropolitan as taxicab or promotional or motion picture/TV Also trying to contact edb1946
  4. Does any one have a source for a wicker style luggage trunk for a brass roadster?:cool:
  5. Looking for MacMillan Petroleum Company petroliana. Particularly road map.
  6. Want to buy 1909-1913 brass era roadster. Prefer Buick 30 or Oakland. smokind38@yahoo.com
  7. David MacMillan 407-358-9697 smokind38@yahoo.com Looking for brass era Oakland roadster
  8. How do I get into list of bloggers. Looking to contact edb1945
  9. Susan. I plan to do that. I do hope they will be helpful. With respect to pictures, they are stored away, lord knows where, so I can't furnish that to this site. It is quite distinctive, rather short, with short hood, open space for driver and meter and, of course, the passenger compartment with one door on each side (if I remember correctly, opening in a suicide fashion--I may not be remembering that correctly) Solid wheels, common with a lot of autos of those days. It has a removable panel in the ceiling--was used for filming (taxi came from a movie studio). I was painted "yellow taxi"
  10. Have contacted Imperial Palace and am waiting for a response. Don't have a lot of confidence they will want to release sales information.
  11. Does anyone know where my 1923 yellow taxicab is located. I sold it to Imperial Palace. They have since sold it. I would like to buy it back again
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