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  1. For a change I'm putting body color steel wheels with '68 dog dish hubcaps on a '67 Corvette and I was wondering what the finish on the wheels would have been had Chevrolet produced such a combination. I've read only that they shouldn't be too shiny but that's it. They're painted with a body color base coat and look pretty flat. Maybe too flat. I'm not a blasphemer, I'm staying with Chevy parts, just expanding the possibilities... Thanks for your consideration.
  2. I did a little research, and it seems that until Congress got all uppity over the public outcry over Ralph Nader's book, "Unsafe at Any Speed" there were no Federal regulations involving automotive equipment. Standards for production had been established by the SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers) but that was it. There were NO Federal mandates. Because the manufacturers knew these requirements were in the works they instituted them hodge-podge, and most well before the January 1968 deadline. That's most likely why in 1966 and 1967 some cars had flashers and some didn't.
  3. Does anyone (Dave@Moon?) know exactly when the Feds required the automobile manufacturers to include emergency flashers as standard equipment? The only information I've been able to find gives a February 1966 date to the mandate, but I can't figure out if that was an immediate order or if the government gave the manufacturers some time to implement the order. Thanks. MC forever.
  4. The plastic pieces could be from the timing gear. They are coated in plastic to keep them quiet when the chain runs over them. As said, if you can move a piston 1/4 inch without moving anything else the engine is a time bomb.
  5. Mr. Earl, I saw this lovely Lady lounging on a Buick and thought of you and this great old thread. Enjoy.
  6. Abbey, when you said you had gas I thought you meant in the car.
  7. Saturday night I thought I had a "model" to pose on my Buick. It fell through though. Just as I was getting ready to load her into my truck for the ride to my garage she told me she was really a guy and asked me if I'd seen "Bareback Mountain." I said "What? Huh?" But she had passed out again. Because the thread is titled "Girls on Buicks 2" and the light in my truckbed is much brighter than in the bar, I really saw what I had, and I didn't think you guys would want to see what I saw so I cut him/her loose. How was I to know? The perfume was intoxicating, and I figured a place called the "
  8. Lamar, Best thread ever. Once spring comes and I break the car out I hope to have some input. It seems I can't get anybody to go out to the garage for photos. I asked some lady over at the Mobil Mart if she'd pose on my car for me, the woman looked at me like I had two heads! I thought five bucks was a generous offer. I'll drive around and find somebody.
  10. Nice scenery. Nice hills. (It looks like she's kissing the invisible man.)
  11. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">there is one in my english class just like the one posted above, and interestingly enough, sits near me, </div></div> Is there a chance of a little romance? Did she choose to sit "near" you? A youngin' your age... Well... Man does not live by '38 Buick alone you know... Kissy Kissy.
  12. Check again. It looks like she just finished the Pledge of Allegiance.
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