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  1. Povertycove

    Rubber parts, Olympic

    An outfit in Pennsylvania, N-C Industries. Talk to a guy named Kevin Brown. (570) 888-6216. it took about eight months to get it, but it looks perfect and the chrome is excellent. This was Jeff Hasslen’s suggestion, another good one. I think the rubber for the Olympic is going to be substantially different from the standard Franklin. I did try Steeleand they couldn’t come up with anything.
  2. Povertycove

    Rubber parts, Olympic

    In the midst of a cosmetic resto. of my Olympic coupe. I’ve had a new chrome windshield frame made, but now need the rubber seal. Metro Mouldings has rubber listed for the Olympic, but they say its for a swing out windshield which, of course, this isn’t. Does anyone have a source for correct windshield rubber? Also looking for rubber pads for the tail light. Metro has some that look right. Shaped a bit like a kite, with a center hole and three mounting holes.
  3. Povertycove

    Taillight backing plate

    Anyone have in his horde of old parts a backing plate for a taillight? This is for a 1933 Franklin coupe, but as you know, they’re the same bodies. It looks like this:
  4. Povertycove

    Oil cooler?

    A Porsche friend suggested that Franklins should use oil coolers. I confess that the thought hadn’t occurred to me, since even after a long drive, oil in any of my Franklins doesn’t seem excessively hot. Is addition of an oil cooler a good idea for a Franklin?
  5. Povertycove

    Taillight brace wanted

    Anyone have the metal brace that secured the taillight on an Olympic available? It looks like this:
  6. Povertycove

    Florida Franklins

    I learned that the owner of the 1930 sedan lowered his price today to $22,000. Still no bargain.
  7. Povertycove

    Florida Franklins

    I have recently found two Franklins for sale here in Sarasota. Oddly enough, they are located less than 100 yards from each other, each with a different owner! One is a 1930 standard sedan that is currently running. But it needs everything: paint, interior, plating and more mechanical work. It is solid, though, with six good wire wheels. The owner has set an unrealistic price of $30,000, and though folks have explained to him that the car is worth a fraction of that, he is apparently stuck. (See last photo) The second car is a 1929 model 135 sedan. It has reasonably good paint and interior and all the doors open and close very well...very solid. Six wire wheels. Nice wood garnish. The tank was taken out to be cleaned and lined, so I haven’t heard it run. I noticed that one exterior door handle was not correct, and the speedometer and clock I think are incorrect. There is, apparently, a log book from the former owner that details work done on the car. The owner is asking in the low teens for the car. (See photos one, two and three)
  8. Povertycove

    Geneseo auction

    Anyone happen to know what the Franklin project fetched at the Geneseo auction?
  9. Anyone know what the Franklin project brought?
  10. Povertycove

    1952 MG TD

    Your MG has double fuel pumps, that suggest it might be the more rare, and more valuable, Mark 2 TD. There’s two ways to tell. Check if your Skinner Union metering jets are the larger ones, or, more easily, if you have the additional shock absorbers in the front. A photo of the front suspension would tell a lot.
  11. Povertycove

    Replacing water pump

    Finally got it and, as you said Joe, by removing the fan and pulley. Now the trick is going to be to put the new one back in. Sigh.
  12. Povertycove

    Replacing water pump

    Is there any way to replace a water pump on a 1950 Dodge without removing the radiator?
  13. Anyone have a fairly good fuel tank for a 1930 sedan available?
  14. Anyone know what the 1932 club sedan brought at the Crum auction last week? Did it sell to a club member?
  15. Povertycove

    Please help identify

    This photo comes from a family album, and it is dated August, 1908. Does anyone have an idea what it is?