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  1. Such a bad interior...the charm of the big air flows is their comfortable wool interiors.
  2. You might find a body number on a plate on the seat platform. The plate faces forward, near the floor. If the car has its original sills, there may be a number stamped in the sills. From your description, Id say the car is a 1914. Id have to see a photo. All Saxon dashes are padded. The wire wheels, if in good condition, are valuable. The two speed transmissions are on the earlier cars, and they have a comfortable range for touring. sounds like a great find. Send me a PM with a phone number and we can discuss prices. I know the market for these wonderful cars pretty well.
  3. That is one very pretty grille. It would only be diminished by extra junk hiding it.
  4. This looks to be a standard Airflow to me, though in a non original color and a non original interior. Others have pointed out that the grille isn't correct. These interiors aren’t easy or cheap to get right. They require 18 yards of Packard cloth, an elegant striped wool pattern. Still, if the running gear is good and that overdrive works well, these are some of the best touring cars around, capable of running economically at 65 mph all day long. Wonderful cars. Again, assuming that everything mechanical is good, and the body is good, this is a great buy for an Airflow. If you can live with the aesthetics.
  5. Waymon. I do have a three speed. Disassembled, but I think it’s all there. I sent you a photo of the two speed shifter. Perhaps someone out there has a two speed shift mechanism. They’re pretty simple.
  6. Six cylinder or four? What exactly are you missing, or do you need everything including axles?
  7. We love Franklin stories. Do you have any photos of the car? Any stories about it?
  8. This is the kind of car that does well on Bring a Trailer, if it had its exhaust system installed. I had one exactly like this, except with a new Haartz black roof. Magnificent drivers, these are, with plenty of power, delivered smoothly to the rear wheels. They have good road feel. I used mine for local weddings...those rear suicide doors were a hit with brides...so easy to enter in a wedding gown. I sold mine for considerably more than the asking price here, and the new owner was delighted. This is a very good buy, once the exhaust is installed.
  9. Sorry...I’ve lost that contact. My recollection of it Is that the project was sold.
  10. Agree with Steve. I had a double spare carrier on my 1927 boat tail. In a way it looked kind of cool, but far too heavy in the rear. I took off the second spare and was much happier with the appearance, and handling, of the car. That’s a lot of weight hanging out there.
  11. I have a set of 650-19 Blackwall Lesters, with good tubes that I could bring to the Trek if anyone is interested in them.
  12. Agree with Mike. Keep the wood wheels for the next 25 years. Nice car. You’ll enjoy it if you drive it.