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  1. I am in need of a couple of axles for an S2 touring car. I thought I had a spare set, but no luck. Do you have any axles you can sell?
  2. My 37 is starting hard and running rough. I noticed that there is some oil/smoke coming from the exhaust manifold, from the second joint of the three part system. Before I start dismantling everything, could a leak like this be causing the rough running engine, or should I be looking for stuck valves?
  3. May 29, Coast of Maine.
  4. Povertycove

    Franklin Models

    My wife and I researched this fairly extensively a few years ago with a very knowledgeable collector and found no Franklin models. There was a small, very limited edition Franklin model produced by the Franklin Museum in Arizona, but I believe it was not for sale.
  5. By chance I noticed a 1930Franklin sedan (misidentified as a 1932, which got my interest) for sale on the local Facebook marketplace page. I contacted the owner and yesterday drove up to Calais (pronounced “callous” in Maine) to see the car. Calais is up on the Canadian border, about 2.5 hours from me here at mid coast. Using flashlights, we descended narrow stairs to the dirt floor basement of the owners grandfather’s old warehouse. The grandfather was the former Mopar dealer in the area. Anyway, the car was there in about as rough a shape as you might expect. The roof was compromised, the doors sagged, the interior had been occupied by raccoons and the headlights had been stolen. Still, it had a nice looking and complete engine and transmission, and all other parts like dashboard, door handles etc. we’re there. The grille was complete. The engine did not turn over. A parts car, unless you’re a glutton for punishment. The owner, Greg Bridges, is planning to tear the old building down (it sits on some beautiful downtown acres, right on the St.Croix River) and he needs to move the car ... doesn’t want it left outside. My guess is that an offer of $1000 (and you pick it up) would get it. if you have an interest, contact me through the usual channels. Alex Huppe, co-editor ACN
  6. I’m guessing that it’s 1917 or 1918 because of the slight rake to the windshield. The Saxon six touring car is missing splash guards above it’s running boards, and the headlights appear to be non standard.
  7. John, We have a small group of Franklin owners in Maine, in the Falmouth area and several other spots. I’m up in Hancock county. Let’s share some contact information...perhaps drive to the Trek at the end of July.
  8. The car is identified as a 1953 Mochet Velocar. Here’s some information I discovered in the car, correct or not.
  9. A friend dragged this cycle car out of his warehouse to show me. I don’t know much about them. Is there any interest in these small vehicles. I believe this one dates from the fifties. It has a tiny air cooled engine, I believe about 125cc.
  10. Povertycove

    Postings, 2019

    Happy New Year to fellow Saxoneers. It would be great if some would show photos of their Saxons out on the road, on tour, or just posing. Let’s post some photos this Year!
  11. Please help I.d. this car. We can’t tell if it is lhd or rhd. This is for a museum display and so we’d like to get it right. Thanks