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  1. Check out the HCCA’s classified advertisements on the club website. You’ll get an idea of the range of prices. It’s also the best site for selling brass cars.
  2. The ring on the underside of the horn button of my 31 Transcontinent fell apart in three pieces last fall. It had been glued together many years ago by Carl Barker, I suppose. I repaired the ring, but now face the puzzle of how to reassemble the horn. I can see how the horn button ring lines up with the inner ring, but I can’t figure out how to reinstall the spring and the retaining ring. Any fine fingered magicians out here have a technique?
  3. You say it’s running nicely. I assume that means you’ve repaired the broken transmission?
  4. I see that this Franklin has been listed on Craigslist for sale for $16,000.
  5. We have complete sets both here in Sarasota and home in Maine. I read them often, but there’s quite a lot to absorb. Thanks.
  6. Good article,ACN #21,by Dr.Boyer.Answered all my questions.
  7. Gordon, Its interesting that the entire re-engineering was done for only $5,000. Inexpensive, even in 1932. Do you have a source for finding out how this was accomplished? At some point the ACN is going to do a comprehensive history of the Olympic, (I believe the Club has some experts working on the project) and this would be an important aspect to the a Olympic story.
  8. Thanks, Steve. That’s what I needed to know. Ive been curious about what the Syracuse factory had to do to make the conversion.
  9. The question is partly theoretical, though there is a nice 33 REO for sale on the HCCA website. But when I was putting together my 33 coupe last year, I wondered what the sum differences were. As I understand it, all Franklin did was change engine, grille, hood, lights and the “F” on the dashboard. Is that all?
  10. What would it take to transform a very solid 1933 REO sedan into an Olympic sedan? I know it would take a good Franklin engine. (adaptation engine to transmission?) A grille. Badges. Small dashboard changes. What else?
  11. We are trying to renew the Saxon Registry. If you haven’t renewed your membership recently, find the registration form on our saxonmotorcars.com website, under Saxon Registry. We need your input!
  12. Thanks Paul. That makes sense...very clear. It’s never as easy as I hope😁
  13. Thanks. Wiring is new. I just can’t figure out what holds the switch in place.
  14. Can an individual light switch on an 11B be removed without removing the entire 4-switch panel and choke assembly?
  15. Steve, It turned out to be quite easy and inexpensive to have them made. I think it cost about $600 for the pair, and nicely done. thanks.