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  1. Here is a mystery hubcap for me. I haven’t seen one like this but it definitely appears to be original with a steel backing piece and nickel plated brass shell. The construction would most likely put it in the 1929-1935 year range. 7 1/4” overall diameter
  2. Do you have a picture of the hubcap you need? There’s a few different styles.
  3. The wear point on the plastic clips of the Reatta hubcaps is on the top section of the nub. I have attached a picture showing this spot. You can try putting a very thin layer of silicone on this spot on each clip and re-install them. If it still wiggles you can add a little more to the same spots. A lot of people try to heat the plastic and bend the clips out further but that just makes them harder to Install without eliminating the wiggling.
  4. Alright that’s what I thought. It’s actually an original hubcap for a 1954 DeSoto Diplomat. The Diplomat model was offered in Canada and I believe Australia as well and had its own unique hubcap that differs from the American made DeSoto Models. Most all Canadian market hubcaps were chrome plated brass from this era while American versions were stainless steel. I have a Canadian market Dodge and Plymouth hubcap from this same year that are exactly the same style as yours but with the Dodge crest and Plymouth ship emblems in the center and they are also chrome plated brass. Here is a picture I
  5. Hi, is this hubcap made of stainless steel, chrome plated steel or nickel plated brass?
  6. Here is part of my antique hubcap collection. I collect all the different brands and different individual styles of those brands with hopes of eventually creating an in-depth catalog of these old hubcaps. I have so far gathered pictures from my collection and from others collections of nearly 2300 different styles from the 1890’s-1940’s!
  7. Would you sell just the Pope Toledo hubcaps?
  8. That hubcap fits a 1953 Dodge Regent. The Dodge Regent was assembled in Windsor Ontario, Canada and was only available to the Canadian market. This style hubcap was specific to the Canadian market cars only and is a lot more rare than American built 1953 Dodge hubcaps.
  9. Trying to identify this hubcap. Definitely looks foreign.
  10. For sale on eBay now if anyone is interested. https://m.ebay.com/itm/SUPER-RARE-1955-55-Oldsmobile-88-Delta-Motorama-Concept-Mag-Wheel-Rims-1950s-/182781167132
  11. I have a set of 4 original cast aluminum rims off of the 1955 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Motorama concept car. These are one of a kind wheels and are super rare. I got these from a man who purchased them from a friend that said he got them at a junkyard in Detroit in 1962. These would make excellent collection pieces for GM or concept collectors. These could also probabaly be used still with some fabrication due to the unusual rear mount lugs. They have some scratches here and there but no cracks or bends. They could also use a good cleaning. I am currently taking offers on these wheels since it is h
  12. I can't find any info on this old brass tag I'm not even sure if its automotive related but I figured it could be. Any info would be appreciated! Measures 3 1/2" in diameter. Made of thin pressed brass.
  13. Collection of radiator caps, emblems, Motometers, and hubcaps for early automobiles. Make offer of individual items or multiples and please let me know if you need any close up pictures of specific items.
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