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  1. The car in the center of the main photo (first one on the left) is a 1911 Auburn.
  2. It's interesting that the Model T on the right has a painted radiator. It's not a brass radiator. It's a 1917-1919. The license plate appears to be a 1919 Ohio. The car on the left is a Studebaker.
  3. Would you be willing to post the photo of the Auburn?
  4. Amazing photos! Sure looks like a Panhard-Levassor to me. I think I can see their signature spark and throttle knobs (handles) inside the steering wheel.
  5. I knew Jimmy Staats pretty well. He was probably best known for his Curved Dash Oldsmobiles. He showed his 1903 at Hershey every year for decades; toured with it regularly as well. What would you like to know?
  6. The first car is a 1910 Pullman, built in York.
  7. Not the best photo, but here's the porcelain city-issued plate registered to our 1910 Ford.
  8. The car on the right is a 1912 EMF.
  9. It's a 1911 Auburn.
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