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  1. Chris Paulsen

    Need help identifying car..

    It's a 1908 Mitchell.
  2. Chris Paulsen

    Noob level brass era T Model Ford ID

    Layden is exactly right - 1913.
  3. Chris Paulsen

    Help i.d. This car

    It's a Peerless, probably 1909 that's been updated with the addition of front doors, and electric lights. The running board tool box with horizontal beads, louvers on the hood, handle placement on the hood and straight front fender are the give-aways.
  4. As you can see one is much better than the other. The better one is of the earlier cars (1922-24?), the bad one is of the later cars (1925-28?). The good poster measures 25"x38". I imagine the other was originally that size, too. Definitely original. The backs are blank. Asking $275 for the pair, US shipping included. International shipping at cost. Feel free to make an offer, trades entertained. Kid's fingers not included.
  5. Chris Paulsen

    Then and now: where did these prewar cars go?

    This photo (taken in Maine) appeared in books and magazines as an example of how to find cars in the late 1940's. I believe the cars are a Hudson and Oldsmobile. Where are they now?
  6. Chris Paulsen

    Then and now: where did these prewar cars go?

    Great thread! What does this Thomas look like now?
  7. That article you found is about the 1911 P-D I own. The lower spring mounts directly to the rear axle housing. They used a more conventional rear suspension in 1913.
  8. Chris Paulsen

    Homer Edmiston Auction

    I was at the auction. I don't remember anything specifically marked "Maytag", but there was so much stuff, it may have been there. I did buy a lot of the windshields and windshield parts, and none that I got were marked Maytag.
  9. Chris Paulsen

    Eisemann ignition switch f/s

  10. Chris Paulsen

    Eisemann ignition switch f/s

  11. Chris Paulsen

    Eisemann ignition switch f/s

    Relatively nice, original switch. Unknown condition. Asking $250 + shipping.
  12. Chris Paulsen

    1914 Grant Transmission Needed

    Still looking for Grant parts. Hershey is coming and it sure would be easy to pick them up there, if you have them! Leads appreciated.
  13. Chris Paulsen

    You never know what you will see.

    That's my 1910 Ford in the top photo. We hosted an HCCA Circle Nebraska Tour last week, covering about 450 miles. That was the last day when we stopped in Lincoln.
  14. Chris Paulsen

    1994 Ford Taurus SHO

    I'd encourage you to show it in HPOF. I've seen cars that were completely restored years ago receive both HPOF awards. It depends on the day and the judges.