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  1. Thank you. That link worked
  2. Does anyone have a link to buy a jeep raffle ticket online ? I tried one in an email that I got (supposedly from this forum ), but the link took me to a incomplete paypal checkout.
  3. Parts left over that I can't use. The Dash is actually better than the one I am using, but I was reluctant to cut up one in such great shape. The grill shell pictures didn't turn out great. One picture shows where I welded in a replacement piece at the bottom where it attaches to the car. No rust thru, some denting around where the crank was - $300 Fender: It has some bondo, no rust thru that I can see. $250 Dash: Great Shape. It may have one extra hole about 1/2 inch in diameter, but I don't really know since I don't have anything to compare it too$150 (still looking for pictures) I won't ship the fender, but the others would be actual shipping from 19475 I would partial trade for some '28 hood panels - I'll have to look to see which I need I could also use a radiator cap
  4. do you have the old worn out foam to use as a template? This company is great at cutting and supplying foam: http://www.foamoutlet.com/ They are very quick. Unfortunately they are near Philly
  5. I need the answer on a generic radiator cap as well thanks bruce
  6. The Pontiac equivalent might fit. (lemans/gto). Try posting something at pontiac forums. Here's one: http://forums.maxperformanceinc.com/forums/index.php
  7. Thanks Mark - I have been into Pontiacs (mainly GTOs). Bruce
  8. I got this new radiator and grill shell along with the project car I bought (28Pontiac). Its clearly for a ford, but beyond that I don't know. I have the original box that the pair came in. I do see some wear on the radiator from the box. Selling for $325 plus my shipping cost plus paypal fee. I would prefer local pickup because of the size. The width is about 19" plus or minus 1/8" The height is 24 3/4" except where the bottom hose connector is, which adds about 1" The radiator appears to be brass. Also advertised on HAMB. thanks Bruce
  9. The chien looks very tired from all the work, but the car is safe now.
  10. Does Hershey publish a vendor list and location in PDF form before the meet like Carlisle does ? Its easier for me to read on a computer screen than the paper booklet. thanks
  11. 32pontiac, and tinindian, good ideas that i will try. I can say that the wood in the firewall and hinge pillar is very solid with no apparent repairs. I also realize the door dovetails are critical. I'm going to the hershey car show, and hope i can find some parts to rebuild them. I have enough parts now for two doors. Before i read these posts, I adjusted the top hinge attachments on the doors, it was clear they were not straight before. I also added about 1/8 shim to the bottom hinge of both doors. the end result was great, but not complete improvement, especially on one side. I'll look at the suggestions above now Bruce
  12. Here are some pictures. the one labeled pict3 shows the hinge side. Pict 1 shows the amount of sag at the door side as does pict2. There is no play in the hinges or the wood (I really have to pull upwards hard to have it go up at all
  13. Bloo, There is no play in the a-piller, I just checked. I also replaced or repaired all the hinges. I did try to read the PDF you mentioned, but your shorted version is much easier to understand. I'll now try to apply it thanks alot, Bruce
  14. Tinindian, there is a visible drop [sag] in the doors toward the latch side. On the side with the least drop, if I force the door up, it will fit quite well in the opening. On both sides, the gap is quite good on the a-pillar side. Maybe the A-pillars are bent toward the rear of the car ?
  15. I thought Pontiac of this vintage would have 6 lugs
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