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  1. Bruce_C

    Ohio: Warner's Salvage Yard, Mt. Sterling

    The chien looks very tired from all the work, but the car is safe now.
  2. Does Hershey publish a vendor list and location in PDF form before the meet like Carlisle does ? Its easier for me to read on a computer screen than the paper booklet. thanks
  3. Bruce_C

    Trying to Align Doors in 1928 Pontiac

    32pontiac, and tinindian, good ideas that i will try. I can say that the wood in the firewall and hinge pillar is very solid with no apparent repairs. I also realize the door dovetails are critical. I'm going to the hershey car show, and hope i can find some parts to rebuild them. I have enough parts now for two doors. Before i read these posts, I adjusted the top hinge attachments on the doors, it was clear they were not straight before. I also added about 1/8 shim to the bottom hinge of both doors. the end result was great, but not complete improvement, especially on one side. I'll look at the suggestions above now Bruce
  4. Bruce_C

    Trying to Align Doors in 1928 Pontiac

    Here are some pictures. the one labeled pict3 shows the hinge side. Pict 1 shows the amount of sag at the door side as does pict2. There is no play in the hinges or the wood (I really have to pull upwards hard to have it go up at all
  5. Bruce_C

    Trying to Align Doors in 1928 Pontiac

    Bloo, There is no play in the a-piller, I just checked. I also replaced or repaired all the hinges. I did try to read the PDF you mentioned, but your shorted version is much easier to understand. I'll now try to apply it thanks alot, Bruce
  6. Bruce_C

    Trying to Align Doors in 1928 Pontiac

    Tinindian, there is a visible drop [sag] in the doors toward the latch side. On the side with the least drop, if I force the door up, it will fit quite well in the opening. On both sides, the gap is quite good on the a-pillar side. Maybe the A-pillars are bent toward the rear of the car ?
  7. Bruce_C

    1932 Wire Wheels

    I thought Pontiac of this vintage would have 6 lugs
  8. I am putting the doors back on my 1928 Pontiac Landau. The wood in the car was quite good except for a couple of hinge holes, which i have repaired. I replaced or repaired all the hinges. The back doors both fit fine, both front doors sag, i would say 1 about 1/4 inch, the other about 1/8th inch. One of the doors had about 1/16th wooden shim in back of the bottom two hinges. I read (But didn't comprehend well) the "tips on auto body wood work" and "fisher body service manual), so that didn't help me much. The two things I have thought of so far are: 1. Put shims, but made of metal or plastic in back of the two bottom hinges. thickness to start with 1/16th 2. Put shims under the car frame near the center pillar. The issue I see with this is it might affect the back door alignment, which is fine now I'm not used to working on cars with wood, more the 60s cars. Any ideas or suggestions ? thanks Bruce
  9. Does anyone know a vendor (or is one) that might sell: Smaller door parts - strikers, latches, rubber parts for doors, inside door and window handles (long shot) Right front fender is great shape for a 1928 Pontiac. Some of the parts from the similar year Chevy may be the same, so I will look at vendors that also sell Chevy door parts I have tried to buy some of these parts online, but usually there are no pictures so I don't want to take the chance to buy the comparable Chevy part thanks in advance Bruce
  10. Bruce_C

    '30 door pin removal

    I just drilled out about 10 pins on my 1928 Pontiac. I first drilled out a hole smaller that than the entire pin, then I used a punch to knock out the remainder. This was with the hinge off the door and body. I tried the eastwood tool, but it didn't work and I returned it. Bruce
  11. Bruce_C

    Installing Door Hinges in wood frame car

    thank you very much for all the answers. I have used kwikploy in the past with good results. Bruce
  12. I'm at the stage of putting the doors back on my 1928 Pontiac landau after paint. I didn't replace the wood in the car, because it was in surprisingly good shape. There are a few cracks around the screw holes for the door hinges. What can I fill them in with ? Simple epoxy, and redrill pilot holes ? In some cases, it looks like I can drill thru the wood and put in a bolt instead of a screw. thanks in advance for any advice Bruce
  13. I need the following door hinges for a 1928 Pontiac Landau. The door hinges need to be in good shape with no play. I have tried some Chevy hinges, but they don't fit for the ones noted, Please PM me. thanks Bruce Side Front/Rear Place on Door Part number Left Front Middle ? Left Front Top A11807 Left Rear Bottom A11066 Right Front Bottom A11817 Right Front Top A11807
  14. Bruce_C


    About 5 years ago I answered a hemming ad about a 28 Pontiac grill shell. He had no email so I sent $5 for Polaroid pictures. Sure enough, I got the pictures, and bought the grill shell (and was happy to get it)