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Ignition Module

Guest Benr98

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Guest Benr98

Thanks Scott, Ok got the link to work. I thought a resistor or something that had to be soldered in place? Do you know about that?


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Guest Bill_Boro

I found that there were two different wiring harnesses for ignition modules at the junk yard.

I bought both and cliped off both of the connectors and about a foot of the wiring harnesses and kept them with their respective modules since they were relatively cheap.

The older module was out of a "93 Buick 3800 and the newer one was out of a "98. The "93 was a plug and play and I used it with the coils from the newer module. What a difference!!! It feels like it added 30 Hp!

I was going to save the Motorola coil in case the next owner was a restoration purest. However, when I removed it the coil oozed a thick sticky blue-green fluid that I assume was once a potting epoxy that broke down. Therefore, it went into the trash.

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Guest Kitskaboodle

Junkyard upgrade complete! smile.gif Thanks Padgett!!

Went down to the local Pick-N-pull and grabbed a coilpak

from a 93 Lesabre. Grabbed the whole thing in one unit, meaning

the coils, module & baseplate. Cost me around $20-25...half price at this Pick-n-Pull. smile.gif

Gettting at that last nut that holds the studs down to the baseplate was kind of a pain though. frown.gif

As for the plugs...went to Kragen's and asked for AC Rapidfires #14...they wanted $7.99 each! I DONT THINK SO!

Went with the trusty and reliable NGK's for $1.99 each. smile.gif

Kit / 90 Coupe

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