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  1. Awhile back, someone posted the name of a good spray penetrating lubricant. Does anyone remember? Thanks, Scott
  2. Every Monday morning it's back to the workweek grind. I ease into it slowly by pursing some of my favorite websites. This one is number one on the list. I've owned my Reatta for 14 years. This site was invaluable it diagnosing all the issues it had. I live in Bend, Oregon. I have one of three Reattas here. Mine is the only convertible. I enjoy its uniqueness. When spring comes and the snow melts away, the cover comes off the Reatta and my enjoyment of the car lasts all summer. Fall arrives, the air cools and on that fateful day when I know it's time for the Reatta to get put to bed for the winter, I take it out, blast the Beach Boys, "Summers Gone" and go for one last spin through the the hills. Thanks for this site being here. Scott Shaw
  3. I am looking for the black knob that goes on the vent director. Scott
  4. How hard is it to remove the steering wheel and how do you disarm the airbag? Scott
  5. scott209

    Idle speed

    Been away for a week and just read your post. What is the smoke test?
  6. scott209

    Idle speed

    The reason for this post started several months ago. When at a full stop, sometimes the engine will stall just as I come off idle. I checked the values for the idle air controller through internal diagnostics which were normal. I pulled a couple of spark plugs and they are firing cleanly. It idles around 800 rpm. this issue makes me nervous because it usually does it when I want to pull quickly into traffic. Thoughts?
  7. scott209

    Idle speed

    What should the idle speed be on a 1990 and how do you set it?
  8. After two hundred miles, the miss has returned. I still get 5.6 volts between A-B connectors of the cam sensor plug. I have replaced the ICM with a new one, replaced cam sensor, and checked the wiring for shorts, swopped ECM. The scenario is: Service engine light will be on, car runs fine. Light wil go out, car runs fine for awhile, engine will stumble, light goes on, code E041, car runs fine for days more. Repeat scenario. Suggestions? Thanks Scott Shaw
  9. I used the FSM to diagnosis the problem. Voltage between the A-B connectors was running at 5.6 which indicated a bad coil pack. I replaced all three of the Delco packs and the car has run fine ever sincel. Scott
  10. My 1990 developed a miss over the weekend. Very intermittant. One minute it will miss and then be perfectly fine for many miles. Occurs when just warmed up or after completely warmed up. It threw the dredded E 041 code. I had this code 8 years ago. I used the glue the magnet fix then.That time it ran fine and the check engine light never went off. This time the light goes off and on. I already did the Pagett ICM fix. Any suggestions? Scott Shaw
  11. scott209


    I have a 1990 convertible. My IPC has been working intermittently. I have pulled it, the BCM and ECM and sprayed the contacts with electronic cleaner which has had no effect. The panel will come on when I push the test button. It gives a B336 code. Do I need to send in the IPC? If yes, where? Thanks, Scott
  12. It flunked Ronnie's accumulator test. Thanks everyone for your input. Scott
  13. I have a '90 convertible. Last night the panel lights went out. What was left on the screen was in red electrical problem and where the mileage usually is said error. Where should I start looking. Scott
  14. On the way home from a long drive, the brake warning light kicked on. After I brake the light goes off and then returns in 30 seconds. Does this indicate a place to start looking for the problem? Brakes still work fine. Scott
  15. I had this problem. After going through the FSM, the one fault remaining that could cause the problem was a short from the transmission gear indicator to the BMC. Sure enough that was it. But that fix caused my tonneau release button to not work which required me to find a new hot source for it. Ah, fix one thing, screw up another. Scott