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  1. Ronnie, you have not failed in any way, please don't feel that you have. I have been a member here for many years. I still visit, even though I've not owned a Reatta for about a decade. As another member pointed out, fewer and fewer Reattas are being used for daily transportation and as such, the demand for the forum is not as great. Hence, the membership/visit drop. Ronnie, please understand that the reduction in visits has nothing to do with you. There was a time I visited this forum everyday. I benefited so much from the information I was able to attain here. So many times members offered repair advice, so I was able to repair my Reatta myself. No only did that save me money, but also provided personal satisfaction in doing a successful repair myself. Over the years spent on the forum, with the knowledge I acquired, I was sometimes able to offer repair advice to my fellow Reatta owners. It was a sad day when my Reatta had a major engine problem followed by someone running into it. A fellow member purchased the car from me and there ended my 10 year ownership of a car that was my favorite and all the vehicles I've owned. Over the years I thought I would purchase another one, but that never happened. Frankly, I doubt I will ever own another. But from time to time (such as today) I visit to see what's going on and each Thanksgiving I offer greetings. On occasion, I might still be able to offer some help. Today, Ronnie I just want to tell you that you have not failed in anyway. Keep up the great work!
  2. Tomorrow, according to the calendar, the 4th Thursday in November will occur. In the US, that means it's Thanksgiving! As I've done for many years, I once again extended my heartfelt hope that all of you have a great day visiting with family and friends. While I've not owned a Reatta for some time, I still drop by the forum from time to time. It's nice to see old names and a few new one too, discussing the Buick Reatta. I belong to a number of auto forums, I still think the Reatta forum is the best! Eat wisely, and drive wisely this weekend.
  3. When my harmonic balancer failed and was replaced, my car's engine would sometimes stop running, even at highway speeds. It turned out that when the balancer was replaced, the Crankshaft Position Sensor was damaged during the install. If you do the replacement yourself, take care not the let the balancer come in contact with the sensor.
  4. Barney, thanks for posting the complete list. Very interesting!
  5. Barney, how many are currently registered in our home state of Texas?
  6. When I got my Reatta many years ago, I was doing that wash, clean, and polish that all of us do when we get a "new" used car. Under the drivers seat I found a Chevrolet lapel pin. Not really earth shattering or even funny, but I always wondered how it got there. It appeared to have been there for a considerable time.
  7. While I have not had my Reatta for many years, I still check in from time to time to view the forum. This time of year I always wish all of you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving. This year I'm especially thankful to be alive. On August 30th, I lost my home, my car, and all of my belongings to 52" of rain caused by Hurricane Harvey. I had to be rescued from my house by boat. I was only able to escape with a few items that I could carry away in a plastic trash bag. Due to the kindness of some close friends, I'm sharing their house. Repairs are being currently done to my home, and perhaps by the end of the year, I can sleep in a bed that is mine. Be thankful for your health, your family, and your friends. They are more important than any physical possessions. Have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving!
  8. Glad I was able to help. I was able to purchase some NOS latches many years ago. I don't think any such animals still exist. Jim Finn may have a used latch in the color you need. I would suggest that if you find any good latches, regardless of color, you should "latch" on to them. This is a part that fails regularly. It would be a good thing to have some extras sitting on your parts shelf.
  9. Several years ago I posted a procedure to open the glove box with a broken latch. Perhaps the following will help you get the door opened even if your latch handle is not broken. Word of warning, if your latch is not broken be careful pulling the handle out as described in my instructions: You will need a flashlight to see under the latch handle and a very small screwdriver. The kind used to fix eye glasses. It helps if you recline the passenger seat and move it forward so you can lay down on the seat while getting close to the glove box lock. Pull the handle out, don't worry about breaking it because it already is, till you see a little silver cylinder. With the screwdriver, try to rotate the cylinder toward the dash. You might "play" with that several minutes before you "hit" it just right. If you were as lucky as I was, the door will just pop open. The handle is toast and will have to be replaced. The problem, these latches should never have been made of plastic. They were pretty easy to break when they were new. Now, more that a decade old, they bite the dust very easily. I was lucky to find some new ones a few years ago. Hope this helped!
  10. Well, I've come out of the woodwork again to issue my annual Thanksgiving greeting. Hope all of you are doing well. I drop in from time to time to see whats going on in Reatta Land. This year I've noticed a change. There does not seem to be as many active threads as in years past. I guess some members, like myself, no long own a Reatta so they don't participate. As I've said many times, out of all the cars I've owned, my Reatta was my favorite. Will I get another one, probably not. However, I still enjoy the forum. Anyway, heres wishing all forum members, both new and old, a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Be thankful for your family and friends. Till next year. Regards, Howard
  11. Barney, glad to her you wife is recovering. Hope she is 100% very soon.
  12. Another possible solution, there are a number of rear view mirror camera kits that are available. By replacing the existing rear mirror, you would lose the map lights, but would gain a rear camera view.
  13. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good morning. Ronnie, great job on the card. Like Barney, I live in Texas, but in the southeastern part of the state. At the moment, the temperature is 77 degrees overcast with slight fog. Sure does not feel like a Christmas morning. Hope everyone has a great day, regardless of your local weather conditions.
  14. Well, I've come out of the woodwork again to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope each and everyone has a safe and joyous time with friends and family. Let's be thankful for our great country and the men and women who protect it.
  15. The C clip is on back side the shift knob. If you move the shift lever (make sure your parking brake is engaged) fully backward, you should be able to see the clip. It can be removed by prying it out with a thin flat head screw driver. Be careful to securely hold the shift knob in place while removing the clip. The knob is spring loaded, so you don't want it to pop off and loose the spring.