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  1. I just walked into this bar. I'll have a frozen margarita please. I visit the forum a few times a month. I think this is the first time in August. Maybe a lot of folks are on vacation.
  2. Nice find! Your Reatta looks in very good condition. With not too much work, it should be back on the road in no time.
  3. Since 1999 I've wished the membership of the Reatta forum a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. While I've not had my Reatta for more than a decade, I still drop by the forum a few times a month. It's nice to see posts from old members, but I'm glad to see some new names as well. Of all the Thanksgivings I've spent in my many years on this earth, Thanksgiving 2020 is unique to put it mildly. 2020 can only be described as an utter shxxtshow. Our nation is embroiled in political and civil unrest. The entire globe is in the clutches of an insidious virus taking many lives daily. What do we have to be thankful this year? I hope like myself, all of you can count your blessings this Thanksgiving. While this year has been fraught with many challenges, there are still things to be thankful. I wish each and every member and their friends and family of the Reatta forum a great Thanksgiving. God willing and the creek don't rise ( favorite saying of my late grandmother) I will be around to offer Thanksgiving greetings next year. May 2021 be a much, much better year for the world.
  4. I watch Doug from time to time. Not really interested in any of his commentary per se, but do enjoy getting a close up look of some of the neat cars he reviews. I am surprised over the overall appearance of the Reatta he was reviewing. It looked sort of on the rough side. He could have at the very least washed it. On the plus side, all the electronics worked correctly. One thing I noticed on the subject vehicle, it was equipped with the Twilight Sentential. I thought that was only available on the Riviera. It seems I recall a post many years ago regarding how to install that feature on a Reatta. Also the delay switch on the wiper control appeared different than I remembered. I don't really care if he liked the car on not. I enjoyed mine for the 10 years I owned it. I'm sure many members of the forum like their cars a lot as well.
  5. Doug DeMuro discusses many cars on his popular YouTube channel. One of his latest reviews was on a 1989 Reatta. He was very impressed with the electronics on the vehicle. Here is the link:
  6. Thanks for posting the article. I've owned many cars over the years and as I've said before, the Reatta was my favorite hands down. The car was comfortable to drive and was spacious considering it's size. At the gas pump, it usually generated favorable comments. I owned my Reatta for about ten years before the engine bit the dust. While the car was a constant money pit, oddly enough I never had issues with the electronic dash, it was a pleasure to drive. I still miss it.
  7. As in years past, I want to wish all Reatha forum members a very happy Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving started out a little odd. Part of my city had to be evacuated due to a chemical plant explosion. I’m currently spending the evening in a vacant house that a friend of mine owns. Hopefully I will be able to return back to my domicile tomorrow. (Fingers Crossed) Thankfully, they were no fatalities in the incident. However two complete towns around the explosion have been evacuated and part of my town. Anyway, So much for my drama. I’m here to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family. Have a great holiday season! Don’t eat too much. Oh heck, eat all you want Thanksgiving comes but once a year!!
  8. I’ve come out of the woodwork to wish all members a Happy Thanksgiving. This yearly greeting has gone out ever since I’ve been a member of this grand forum. This Thanksgiving is an odd one for me. Part of my city is under A mandatory evacuation. A chemical plant near my home blew up early this morning and all persons living within a 4 mile radius of that location have been ordered by county officials to evacuate. Currently, I’m in a vacant house that belongs to a friend of mine. I hope I can make it home tomorrow. I am thankful that There were no fatalities. The main concern, is for additional explosions and air pollution. Anyway, so much for my drama, here’s wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. Have a fantastic holiday season!!!
  9. I ran across this Reatta on Ebay. It has a Supercharged Crate engine. All the electronics on the dash seemed to function. The engine installation looks very stock! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1988-Buick-Reatta-Supercharged/283678126685?hash=item420c88b25d%3Ag%3AWYwAAOSwyMVd0Ed-&LH_ItemCondition=3000|1000|2500
  10. I feel your pain. I lost my 89 Reatta in 2008 after owning it for about 10 years. Rammed into at a service shop. Like yourself, I really enjoyed the vehicle. I've own many cars over the years, but the Reatta almost never failed to attract a comment or two while filling up. Usually, "Is that a Buick!" or "When did Buick come out with this?" Like yourself, I spent a considerable amount of money keeping it in good condition. Frankly, I did not realize how much I had spent till I cleaned out the glove compartment full of service receipts before the new owner brought a trailer to carry the car off. Even though I spent a fair amount of money on repairs, this forum and its members helped me do many of the repairs myself, which did save some "coin". Over the years, I thought I might get another Reatta, but I'm getting older as is the car, and at the moment I don't have the garage space. Alas, I don't think I will be a Reatta owner again. It was a ride to remember!! I still drop by the forum off and on, so like Ronnie stated, you can visit here without owning a car.
  11. Ronnie, you have not failed in any way, please don't feel that you have. I have been a member here for many years. I still visit, even though I've not owned a Reatta for about a decade. As another member pointed out, fewer and fewer Reattas are being used for daily transportation and as such, the demand for the forum is not as great. Hence, the membership/visit drop. Ronnie, please understand that the reduction in visits has nothing to do with you. There was a time I visited this forum everyday. I benefited so much from the information I was able to attain here. So many times members offered repair advice, so I was able to repair my Reatta myself. No only did that save me money, but also provided personal satisfaction in doing a successful repair myself. Over the years spent on the forum, with the knowledge I acquired, I was sometimes able to offer repair advice to my fellow Reatta owners. It was a sad day when my Reatta had a major engine problem followed by someone running into it. A fellow member purchased the car from me and there ended my 10 year ownership of a car that was my favorite and all the vehicles I've owned. Over the years I thought I would purchase another one, but that never happened. Frankly, I doubt I will ever own another. But from time to time (such as today) I visit to see what's going on and each Thanksgiving I offer greetings. On occasion, I might still be able to offer some help. Today, Ronnie I just want to tell you that you have not failed in anyway. Keep up the great work!
  12. Tomorrow, according to the calendar, the 4th Thursday in November will occur. In the US, that means it's Thanksgiving! As I've done for many years, I once again extended my heartfelt hope that all of you have a great day visiting with family and friends. While I've not owned a Reatta for some time, I still drop by the forum from time to time. It's nice to see old names and a few new one too, discussing the Buick Reatta. I belong to a number of auto forums, I still think the Reatta forum is the best! Eat wisely, and drive wisely this weekend.
  13. When my harmonic balancer failed and was replaced, my car's engine would sometimes stop running, even at highway speeds. It turned out that when the balancer was replaced, the Crankshaft Position Sensor was damaged during the install. If you do the replacement yourself, take care not the let the balancer come in contact with the sensor.
  14. Barney, thanks for posting the complete list. Very interesting!
  15. Barney, how many are currently registered in our home state of Texas?
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