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1953 Special oil press. sending unit location?

Pete Phillips

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I am restoring a customer's 1953 Special with the 263 straight eight. The car came to me with a bare block and all of the parts in boxes. I've installed the cannister oil filter unit and its incoming and outgoing metal tubes, but I cannot figure out where the oil pressure gauge tube screws into the engine. Can someone with a 263 straight eight help me or attach a photo? My '49 248 and my '50 320 engines are of no help--they are different from this 263. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

1949 model 59

1950 model 76R

1963 Wildcat 4-spd. conv.

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are the 3 piece chrome "mostache moldings" the same on 51, 52 & 53 buicks?

I need those 3 pieces for a 52 Roadmaster. Any information, suggestions, leads, referrals appreciated.


jerry whitfield in north carolina

please use your email server and email me at wwhitfield@triad.rr.com since I dont come to the forum on a regular basis. thankyo

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