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Disappointment with emblem restoration

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I recently had two grill emblems restored (one as a backup). Unfortunately, the results were less than spectacular. I have sent the message below to the company that did the work and am awaiting a response. Should they respond favorably, I'll pass that info on. If they do not, I'll let you know who I'm talking about wink.gif


Hello -

I am writing with regard to two 1937 Lincoln-Zephyr emblems that you recently restored for me. While I realize that there are no guarantees, I must say I was disappointed with the results. Specifically:

1. Both emblems have very noticeable cracks and flaws in the enamel. In fact, they look like old material, which makes me wonder if the enamel was indeed replaced.

2. On one of the emblems, no effort was made to straighten the metail on the edge -- it was simply chromed over, resulting in an emblem that is no closer to show condition than when I started.

I would be glad to send you pictures to illustrate these flaws if you are interested.


Cecil Bozarth

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Here is the response from the vendor. It was pleasant enough, but the lesson is, <span style="text-decoration: underline">if your enamel emblems are *reasonably good*, leave them alone </span>-- there are no guarantees they'll be "show ready" when you get them back.


Dear Mr. Bozarth,

I am very sorry that the emblems did not satisfy you. It is a very difficult job

restoring emblems like these, and every emblem presents its own problems and

difficulties. After 15 yrs. of experience working on a system to restore this type

of emblem, it's regrettable that there are still times when we don't get the results

we hoped for. Obviously we want to return an emblem to our customer that is like

new. But with so many variables coming into play with each restoration, it is not

unlike walking a tight rope without a net.

You can be sure that in all cases we do whatever is most likely to yield the most

pleasing results. We never try to short change the customer by skimping or


In the case of your badges, while viewing the emblems in the rough, (as we got them)

the small dent was completely missed. Usually we have a metal straightening charge

when we have metal repair like that. I did notice the slight dent however once I

had the new enamel in. But by that time it was too late to do anything about it.

The small internal cracks you mentioned gave me no end of grief. In the process of

firing the badges with the enamel, cracks naturally occur, (especially in

translucent red) and if all goes well they melt away during the process. If one

lets the badge stay too long in the kiln, while trying to eliminate those cracks,

the enamel can begin to pull away from the base metal too. I went back and forth

with one of the badges for that reason. (It would look darker from the extra firings

required.) Sometimes this can become such a battle, that the ultimate goal is to

end up with a usable badge, and compromise by allowing a crack or two to remain.

That, unfortunately, is what I had to do with your badges.

So it is an unpleasant fact of this business, that the badges that I spend the most

time with and test my craftsmanship to its utmost with, are also the ones that yield

the least satisfactory results.

For all of these reasons, and more besides, I am unable to provide any kind of

guarantee with respect to the outcome of the emblems. Nevertheless, I value all of

the feedback that I receive from my customers.

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I'll get my camera out and try to take some pics, though it's sometimes hard to get close-up stuff to show up.

After reading his message, I do think he tried his best, but nevertheless it's a disappointment. I *am* going to contact him about the dented emblem -- "missing" this isn't my fault.

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Ok, pic for you JB. I'm a lousy photographer, but hopefully you can see how whacked up the edge is and the cracks in the enamel. It may seem picky, but emblems are one of those things that draw in the eye, so flaws here are magnified. The other emblem has one very visible crack in the enamel; it will probably have to do.



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Hey Cecil,

Take a look at ebay item number: 330159348097. It's listed as: "NOS 38 39 Lincoln Zephyr hood V12 emblem V-12 flathead", but it is *NOT* a 38 or 39 emblem. Check out the photo of the back of the item. It looks to me like a 37 because there are no indentations on the back for the stainless trim strips on 38 and 39 Zephyrs. Besides, the 38 emblem has a much wider border.



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Nice thought, zeffer1940, but ebay always has a feeding frenzy over NOS stuff. I sent a message to the seller noting it was *only* correct for '37s hoping that would chase some folks off, but doesn't look like it's working frown.gif

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About 2002 or 2003,

I had both of the hood emblems redone on my '38LZ conv .coupe. The person who did them was Karla Mya Maxwell. Her website is:

www.MaxwellEnamels.com I saw her ad in "Restoration Supply Company" catalog. I just set up website, is still current. I was totally pleased with the work. I have shown

the car at may shows and temperature ranges--- no problem, Beautiful! Not cheap , but who said this car restoration was cheap!

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