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  1. I wrenched on and drove several MOPAR patrol units in the 70s that had the Special Police Package for interstate highway use including the linear "Certified MPH" speedometer heads in them. None of them were 200 MPH units. (I can't remember if they were 140 or 150 mph units) If there is a 58 Plymouth that can run 140-150 for any length of time, it should be in a museum. At that speed, how would you be able to keep it on the ground, much less steer or stop it? Even a specially prepared unit would likely top out at 130 or so, so a 150 would be way more likely. Definitely time to throw the BS fla
  2. Back to the original topic, Although my Lincoln sports WWW tires, I doubt very seriously that anyone who originally bought a true classic (maybe a few flamboyant exceptions) would be caught dead in a car decked out in widey whiteys. The folks who spent 10X the price of common mass produced cars, and sometimes far more, generally were less likely to have them. Hand rubbed wood, high quality leather and wool upholstery, flawless craftsmanship, comfort and smooth abundant power were the more important critera. "Flash and bling" would be far too undignified.
  3. I'm not too familiar with "Babes on Buicks" but I can contribute with "Ladies on Lincolns"
  4. Is anyone ever going to post a picture for us search-impaired folks?
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