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  1. Hi Rolf, I know you hate ebay, but you might want to check this out; http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayIS...;category=34209 It might be just what you're looking for, plus extras - just in case. If you want to hone your restoration skills on some cheap '39 caps, check out; http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayIS...;category=34209 What's with all the late model stuff lately? Are we losing our focus???
  2. Steve bought the engine and picked it up on December 4, 2005. Thanks Steve.
  3. Look in the January 2005 Hemmings on page 179 for the Wells Cargo ad from Don Randall. I bought a 24 ft "AutoWagon" (attachment) from Don several years ago. Don will split his commission with you and will advise you on what options and capacity would be best for your needs. I picked mine up at the factory in Waco, Texas. Don has been selling and using trailers for MANY years and he really knows trailers. I've been VERY pleased with his service and I can highly recommend him. I don't remember exactly what my trailer cost. It was pretty expensive, but the quality remains after the price is forgo
  4. Hello, I received this e-mail the other day from "Gabriel Georgiev Nu Image Bulgaria" (gabriel@nuimagebg.com): "My name is Gabriel Georgiev and I work for a film company based in LA. We're preparing a period picture which will be shot in Sofia Bulgaria in May next year directed by Mr. Biran De Palma. It's a true story from 1947 in LA. We are looking for good condition american cars from this period and I've found that you have a beautiful collection of such. I will appreciate if you can help us getting information on american oldtimers located in Europe which we can rent for couple of month
  5. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to ship the engine to Oregon. I would imagine that a freight company would be able to give a price based on the weight and distance. I think the engine probably weighs about 600 lbs and would need to be strapped to a pallet. The engine is in La Crescenta, (just north of Glendale) California, where we lived for 30 years until moving to Texas in 1992. It came out of a parts car I used to modify my 1947 Continental in 1964. I ended up using a 1957 Lincoln engine with a 1954 Lincoln (GM) 4-speed hydramantic transmission in the '47. I'm planning on making a trip t
  6. I know this is the wrong forum for this kind of stuff, but the LCOC discussion site doesn't seem to exist any more. I know that a lot of us have later model Lincolns as well as Zephyrs. I have had this '56 Lincoln 368 cubic inch engine (see attachment) sitting in my garage in California for about 35 years and it's time to get rid of it. If anybody is interested in it, please contact me. I'll put it on ebay one of these days and I think it should be worth at least $50. I have more pictures if anybody has any interest in it. I'd hate to scrap it because somebody with a '56 Lincoln or Mark II cou
  7. 1941 Lincolns usually came with a Borg-Warner transmission overdrive. This is a LOT more modern unit and preferable to the Columbia axle, which is fragile and expensive to repair. However, 1941 was the only year in which Lincolns could be ordered with BOTH overdrives. Why anybody would do that is an interesting question, but some folks did it. Build it and SOMEBODY will buy it! That being said, I got a Columbia axle for my 1939 Zephyr from Dan Krehbiel in Temecula, California. Dan is the Columbia advisor for the Early Ford V8 Club and is also a member of the LZOC. Dan has built several hundred
  8. Despite the lack of adequate advance notice, the swap meet was terrific. The weather was superb and the room was full of neat Zephyr stuff. Too bad you missed it.
  9. It's interesting how we can remember seeing certain interesting cars in long by-gone years. I remember riding a bus from Los Angeles to Riverside, California in 1957 and seeing a pretty nice Lincoln Continental sitting in a junkyard somewhere in East Los Angeles. When we moved to California in the mid-60's, I tried re-tracing that route. Not only did I not find the Lincoln, the whole junkyard was gone! I was finally able to acquire a 1947 Lincoln Continental in 1964, which I still own. The pictures of the 1948 CHRYSLER Continental were taken in 1972. The question that has piqued my interest is
  10. Hi Mike, If you like ebay and can wait for a while, hang in there. However, don't rely on the accuracy of the seller's description. Many of these folks have no idea what they have for sale! If you need door handles right away, check out the "sources" section of lzoc.org. Merv Adkins or Bob Boos should be able to supply what you need.
  11. I wonder how many of you MoPar guys know about this car. As I understand it, the owner of the Schenley distillery commissioned Durham to build two of these cars using 1948 Chrysler New Yorker Coupes as a basis. This one showed up at the Lincon Continental Owner's Club meet in Beaumont, California in 1972. (See Attachment) If anybody has any further information about these cars, I'd appreciate hearing it. Check out: http://community.webshots.com/album/64598523wJEgJv I wonder if this car (or the other one) still exists. Thanks,
  12. According to Richard Cole (Dave's son who does the layouts for TWOTZ), the Santa Maria Swap meet is scheduled for November 5 and 6. I'm assuming that it will be hald at the Santa Maria Inn. Directions to the Santa Maria Inn are listed in the lzoc.org "calendar" section.
  13. You've probably already seen this on ebay, but if not, see the attachment and take a peek at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayIS...TRK%3AMEWA%3AIT Rolf - What happened to your e-mail address? I get: "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender"
  14. Hi Jack, (Not an appropriate salutation at airports these days) Did you ever make it to Texas in the Metropolitan? Quite an ambitious undertaking in my view, having driven a 1960 Metropolitan from Los Angeles to Phoenix and back in about 1972. When gas was 30 cents a gallon, I was getting 30 miles per gallon in the Met. When gas went to a dollar a gallon, I was driving a 1964 Lincoln at about 12 miles per gallon! What's wrong with this picture? I took a day trip to San Antonio to check out the LCOC meet. It was pretty disappointing for me. NO Zephyrs at all. One '41 Continental (Chevy Powered)
  15. I turned 71 on Sept 14. It looks like all the good guys were born in September! I too, have a problem with paying to let people look at my car! And I don't want any dust-collecting trophies to clutter up my mantle. Just owning the car is trophy enough for me, and it's a LOT prettier than some useless piece of gold plated plastic! If you enter a car show, you have to stay until the end. When I've seen everything I want to see, it's time for me to GO! (Senior Attention Deficit Disorder, I guess). The last car show I entered was the LCOC Western National Meet in 1972. I entered my '47 Continental
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