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  1. 3 hours ago, RivNut said:

    “Where were you in ‘62?”  Terry the Toad and Debbie. Love that movie. Have 1:18 die cast models of the major cars. Still looking for a white T-bird.


    and it starts with my cousin Richard driving the Citroen 2-CV (just like the one we had back in the '70s), trying to find Wolfman Jack

  2. Our 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham unfortunately suffered disuse for several years.

    It would now start when fed starter fluid spray, but would not continue running, so the fuel pump and/or relay were suspect.

    After removal of the plastic gas tank, with plan to replace the in-tank fuel pump and filter,

    flushing yielded gummy gel, as well as other odd-colored crap and water.

    My guess is that acid dip would damage ther plastic tank,

    and I'm concerned for the condition of in-tank baffles.


    I don't know of anyone who cleans this type of tank.


    Can anyone advise a proper way to clean and treat the tank,

    since a new one is not available, and would be extremely costly if it were.

    Another used one from a junkyard would probably be no better than what I have.

    By the way, over the past nearly 10 years, I've only used non-ethanol gas in all our modern and vintage cars

    exept if inavailable during cross-country travel.


    I appreciate any advise and suggestions as far as how to do a good job of cleaning the tank,

    and what materials would do a safe and thorough job. 

  3. On 6/9/2018 at 9:33 PM, pint4 said:

    Please PM me if you require an outside rear view mirror for your restoration and we will add your name to the list as we go through the inventory and get back to you if we find one that meets your needs.  We have a significant number of mirrors produced by Jay Fisher as well as some repro hood ornaments and other miscellaneous items manufactured by Jay.  Jay Fisher mirrors are on some of the finest restorations.  There are also a limited number of engraved mirrors with the marque engraved on the mirror housing.  Thanks.


    Jay's work was truly exceptional, and pricing, while not "Bargain Basement", were certainly not extravagant.

    I used to visit with him at Hershey each year, as his space was very close to mine.

    We also noted that we had once been neighbors since he was in Clark (Township), NJ, and I grew up just across the line in Linden.

  4. 1 hour ago, trimacar said:

    As I mentioned, I've never seen the "thief" moniker in print, and it takes on a whole new meaning in the printed word.


    I've heard it before, as mentioned, but it was always half joking, as the people knew that, while the charge was high, the quality of the work was superb.  Verbally, it was never really meant to be nasty about him, and I'm sure he's well aware that it's been said about him.


    Sure makes me glad that no disparaging word that I'm aware of rhymes with "David"!!!!!!


    Trimming by "Dave",

    Critics will "Rave"?



    Referred by Ed,

    'Nuff said?

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  5. On 4/9/2021 at 10:22 AM, Bill Stoneberg said:

    Lamar,  Come on over to Texas.  Kerrville has some nice campgrounds right on the river.  Good driving roads too.

    San Antonio is an hour away for big city life.


    We've driven several Kerrville-based tours-

    a great area, especially the drive along the Guadelupe River - in both directions,

    and the Y-O Ranch

    used to be a fantastic private collection of promarily Marmon cars there, but I believe now gone

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  6. Having started my corporate technical career within the hallowed halls of IBM's Poughkeepsie, and mid-town Manhattan offices, life revolved around System 360, Hexidecimal, and binary coding in the development of Internal Systems Software, Language development/creation, I/O Interrupt Supervisors, and the like. I transitioned to Applications Systems Software Architecture, and ultimately to corporate administration. Life revolved initially around trays of punch cards and magnetic core storage, warehouse-sized rooms with large mainframe supported by miles of underfloor cable, thousands of tons of conditioned air, and semi-sterile environment - and the transition to solid logic technology with more power on your wrist of phone than all prior versions. We use Apple iPhones, and HP laptop, and manage to survive.


    The chip technology in the ignition key of my 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham created more problems than my iPhone.

    Thankfully I can still adjust ignition points and set timing on our early cars, and get pleasure from driving tours.


    Use that which works for you.

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  7. On 4/8/2021 at 1:19 PM, zepher said:

    Great looking car.

    I bet the trunk on that Fairlane is longer than the bed of that Ranger in the background.


    Yes, but with extremely limited available storage space within a metal maybe 3x3 ft box since the folding metal top occupied most of the Ford Skyliner's trunk area

  8. 13 minutes ago, JACK M said:


    Well Billy, You dog you,,,,


    Decent show, but leaves you wondering if they actually do the work, or just remove/tighten the last few bolts?

    Also, the earlier version with the other two young ladies, rather than the newest artist seemed more realistic.

    Bogie seems well informed for the most part. Her newer companion/mechanic appears overdone in so many ways that it makes the show less enjoyable, at least the episodes we've watched.

  9. 1 hour ago, John348 said:

    I like Chasing Classic Cars, it does not seem to be overly scripted. The quality of the cars that are restored at Graveyard Carz appears to be fantastic, the attention to detail is phenomenal, needless to say the fit and finish, stunning,  that said there is way too much scripting done and the personalities created by those scripts make it unwatchable for me an entire 60 minutes. 

    The guy in Virginia, is so far from reality it can be called a reality show! Every show ends with "Hey ready to look at your car?" "oh and by the way you owe me $50,000". Most of the cars they do appear to be resto-mods  they get a new modern engine,  and must have disc brakes and 5 link suspension. When the camera pans the finished product the gaps a horrible among other glaring issues. The scripting is to the point of being funny, He walks out of his airconditioned office, soaked in what appears to be sweat, to blow a hissy fit that the worker (who is not perspiring) found a $5,000 extra for Dan to make more money and he is mad..... Like he is the one doing the work, another one that 10 minutes is hard to take, let alone 60

    Restoration Garage is lighter and easy to take for 30 minutes, also portrays more of a realistic work environment. Besides that Bugatti project everything is pretty much a driver and they make no bones about it, which makes the show feel honest.



    I pretty much agree with all that John348 noted, but even moreso about the guy in Virginia. I don't recall much of anything coming in as low as $50,000. More likely, after "upgrading" most into modifieds and streetrods with 12 volt, SBC, disc brakes, rack & pinion steering, fuel injection, electronic ignition, a new chassis (after billing the customer for his mistake in buying another rusted out parts car for a chassis), he may decide he has well over 500 to 1,000 hours, probably at well over $100+/hourly rate (which may be a reasonable rate), and extensive, and sometimes not-needed parts and effort - is seems many of his "restorations" drastically the $50K mark. Much more drama than reasonable - maybe that is why his show is no longer on the air?

  10. 22 hours ago, Gary_Ash said:

    There are some older cars where a bumper jack is necessary to raise the body above the rear axle to get the wheels off.  Ask me how I know...


    While this is the case with some of my cars, 

    instead of the bumper jack,

    I carry a lightweight (Harbor Freight) aluminum floor (trolley) jack - and a thick wood block-

    and jack up the car by the chassis if changing a rear tire,

    or just jack under the front suspension to get the wheel off of the ground


    Remember to chock - usually, but not necessarily the diagonally opposite wheel


    Never depend on the bumper jack if you can help it.

    I also somewhere in the garage, have an older accessory tripod bumper jack. It folds, and uses a screw-type and crank mechanism, and is less unstable than a traditional bumper jack.

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  11. On 3/29/2021 at 9:08 AM, Matt Harwood said:

    Heavy truck service centers will still do lock ring wheels and tires with tubes. Some, anyway. Many heavy trucks still use them. Look for a "widowmaker" cage in their service area--if you see one, you'll know they're familiar with the job.




    For Ken, the OP, a '37 Packard should have regular drop center steel wheels or equivalent, no lock rings or other special considerations, so it shouldn't take anything special to mount them. Tire chain stores won't be interested, but if you have an independent tire shop nearby or again, a heavy truck service shop, they should be able to handle it no problem. You may not even need tubes, depending on the design of the wheel. I don't know when they went to welded wheels instead of riveted, but by '37, I think you can probably get away with mounting the tire without a tube. Can you show us a photo of the inside of the wheel rim and how the center is attached? If there are no places for leaks, you can safely skip the tubes (and I would argue that going tubeless is safer).




    Agree !!


    I have done this for my cars, and also for others

    Also, If using radial tires and tubes- be ABSOLUTELY sure that every paper tag inside every tire has been removed.

    With the motion of a radial tire , the paper tag will cause abrasion and wear through the tube, in as much as 100 miles or less-

    ask me how I know

  12. 18 hours ago, Str8-8-Dave said:

    If we are talking about stuff you can find on the tube I really like Restoration Garage on Motor Trend TV.  David Grainger is amazing, very car and restoration savvy, interesting to listen to and covers anything from putting some new trim in a Model A to ground up replication of a 1935 Bugatti Aerolithe.  He owns a real world restoration shop called The Guild of Automotive Restorers in Bradford, Ontario Canada.  He also is a farmer, has connections all over Europe, repairs antique watches and collects antique tractors and aircraft.  You can check out his day job on his website here...





    Mine, too !

    You don't see jerks throwing tools around, and claiming rediculous schedules - like a total resto-transformation in ONE WEEK !

    and my wife likes Restoration Garage also -

    but then, she also watches the one with the heavy wreckers in western Canada,

    "Highway Thru Hell"

    Featuring Jamie Davis, and several other companies keeping the Coquihalla Highway open, a part of the Trans-Canada system we had hoped to drive in our 1954 Cadillac a few summers ago (Not in Winter)

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  13. Headliner staining and rot seems excessive,

    and where would yoU find a replacewment for the right side front parking light lens?

    On the other hand, the body seems decent for a Pennsylvania Rust-Belt, Salted-Roads car.

    While the Statesman is the "Lesser Series" compared to the Ambassador,

    it still seems a decent project, and you won't meet yourself heading to Cruise Night.

  14. Continental spare looks like it is leaning against the trunk lid -

    maybe not even attached to bracketry which may, or may not be there.

    It is supposed to be Free-Standing, but , I believe, a bit more upright, and with a bit of spacing between the spare and the body.

    This year still has the partially skirted front fenders,

    and (some say) a narrowed front track, going all the way back to 1949, to allow full steering.


  15. On 3/8/2021 at 8:05 PM, parkertom said:

    I have never been one to need AC in my classic cars. I also don’t live in Florida, but summers in VA can be pretty bad. I like to roll down the windows and go.


    Open windows don't help much when we deal with extreme humidity, 

    no matter where you are

    A/C is a must for me, even in a convertible,

    there are ti9mes when the top must be raised

  16. Another monk had been assigned as a Scribe, 

    for all new directives of holiness of the monks shall be a direct handwritten copy from prior version.


    The young monk actually went back to one of the earliest versions -


    And Then the entire Monastery heard a Blood-Curdling Cry from the Depths of the cavernous copy room.

    They ran to the source of the wailing,

    and asked the young monk , 

    "What is the source of your anguish?"


    He cried,

    and he pointed to the ancient manuscript-

    There, There he pointed, noting a spelling error, the omission of a single letter "R" in the transcription ...

    The Original word was "CELEBRATE

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  17. We all love our "FUR BABIES"-

    Several of our Dalmatians were happiest riding either the front seat, or preferrably standing regally on the hose bed of our Fire Engine,

    ready for Parades, local tours, or just out in the neighborhood - as soon as the engine roared to life, they were on-board and raring to go !


    I admit pet restraints were not often considered back in the 1970 through 2000 time frame. We did use a pooch seatbelt restraint for car rides after that time, but sadly no longer have pets to care for, other than visiting our son and daughter. each of whom have rescue dogs. When they ride with us, their restraints are properly utilized, and they expect to use it - Good Dog !!


    For us, it was rescuing Dalmatians, finding them new homes, and of course keeping some. 

    Kids would go see to "101 Dalmatians" movie, 

    then they wanted the cute puppy, white with black spots-

    "I Promise I Will Feed it and Clean Up After it, and I Will Walk it Several Times Every Every Day"

    Mom said "NO", she knew what would surely happen - you don't just put it up on the shelf when the kids get bored-

    When Mom says "NO", ask Granny-

    Grandma bought it anyway, and just-as-often not from a carefully curated breeder, so inbreeding and deafness became issues.

    Caring for a pet is initially fun, but ultimately the novelty wears off.

    Several months, or even a year or so later, nobody really wanted the obligation of caring for "Sparky, Freckles, Dottie, or Cutie-Pie".

    One day Dad and poochie went for a ride in the car, but not to the (expensive) veterinarian.

    When the kids finally thought to ask, they were told that he/she had gone to live on a farm to be happier.

    In actuality, poochie was simply turned loose in a field, a park, or just on the street in a strange neighborhood in a different town - without a collar.



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