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  1. Realistically, you "should" be able to shift into all gears,


    sometimes a manual transmission can be balky when the gears are at rest.

    Moving the rear wheel(s) even slightly, or rolling the car a bit may make the difference.

    On the other hand, the rods and levers controlling the movement of the transmission's shifting forks could possibly be out of adjustment.

  2. Nice car !


    Is the transmission the 400 Turbo-Hydramatic?

    or the 380?

    or a 2-speed automatic?


    Is the engine actually a Chevy 350,

    or a Buick 350?


    Does it have the Optional Full Guage Package,

    or just the lights for Amp / Oil pressure / Temp ?


    Where are you located  beyond the Area Code?


    Does it have:

    Cruise Control?

    Power Front Disc Brakes (were not standard even with Power Brakes)?

    Tilt / Telescope Steering Wheel?