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  1. 23 hours ago, Bob Giles said:

    Sure, the physical size difference is apparent. I have two 7K trailers and I don’t think I’ll ever need anything bigger. I want both trailers set up the same so I can use one hitch. I’m aware I can use the 12K bars on the 7K trailers.


    Bob, we don't really know what the future holds. The day may come when you either go for a bigger and heavier car, and/or a bigger/heavier trailer setup. The 12K hitch. Holding onto the 12K may just be a good idea, at least in my experience. My first open trailer and lightweight equalizer also worked fine for my first enclosed (7,000 lb rated) trailer. I still have two 7K trailers, but also upgraded to a bigger all-aluminum model with a Pair of 6K axles. 


    Of course only your decision really counts-

    just offering an alternate thought as to the long term future


    Best of luck either way

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  2. Bought a super-cheap "back row of the used car lot" 1960 Rambler American for next-to-nothing back around 1965?

    Huge smoke screen, and had to add 2 Quarts of Drain Oil every 60 miles, but it was affordable to drive and to keep running until I could pull the head off the flathead "6".

    First two cylinders had broken/shattered rings, along with deep scores in both cylinder bores.

    Installed new rings in only those first two cylinders, and the oil burning stopped completely !

    Drove the Rambler for some time, until I could afford a pair of used '59 Chevys, a Six, and a 283 V-8.

    Downstairs neighbor bought the Rambler from me, and may still be driving it - he said it was the best driving car he ever had, and needed no attention, other than the "collapsing" back of the driver's seat.

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  3. 29 minutes ago, JamesR said:


    I'LL GIVE YOU $7 FOR IT!!😄


    If our lawnmower shed in the back yard was just a little bit bigger, I'd consider getting this (or Marty's) Crosley. Less storage space is one of the appealing things about these cars.


    Might have been fun if I still had it, but invested about $25 bucks, got it running, titled, licensed, looking much better, and sold it a year later for $300

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  4. On 12/9/2020 at 6:53 PM, Matt Harwood said:

    Nice to see one in the original color. Red wasn't available but so many have been repainted to match the movie car (which I believe was a Belvedere hardtop anyway). Buckskin Beige was the only way you could get a 1958 Fury.




    I believe your comment would have been correct for the 1957 Fury, available only in certain options.

    With "Badge Engineering", in 1958, all Plymouth models moved up one nameplate.

    Fury became Sport Fury in 1958

    Belvidere became Fury

    Savoy became Belvidere

    Plaza became Belvidere

    The Plaza name did not return for the 1958 model year


    It was 1957 that the beige Fury wore anodized gold within the side trim, and in that year, was the only Plymouth model where the upper trim stainless bar kicked up toward the fin. DFor the 1958 model year, the line followed in the "lesser " Fury, a step below the (now) Sport Fury.


    In September 1956 I pleaded with my father to buy the (real) Fury but a top of the line 2-door hardtop was out of the question. His very first new car, ordered that day, was a 4 door Savoy sedan, black and white with white roof and the lower body in black with the lower portion in white below the "Sportone", 301 ci V8 and 2-speed Power-Flyte plus the usual other options.

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  5. On 12/13/2020 at 5:43 PM, PhilAndrews said:

    AM-only here! (Plus, at 45 Watts the radio does a good job of flattening the battery if left on for a couple hours with the engine not running).


    If I can iron out the kinks by then, that is.






    It is OK to go modern for our events-

    It is more important to visit with folks than just to bring the old car !

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  6. I've had a "soft spot" for Crosley !


    Many, many years ago while living in Linden, NJ, I bought a $6 Crosley HOT SHOT sports car out of an Avanel, NJ junkyard -

    the same yard where I got the new convertible top for my '49 Pontiac from a freshly wrecked Chevy.

    The engine and tranny rebuild were accomplished on Mom's kitchen table over a couple of weekends and a lot of Dad's help.

    The car drove well, but it wasn't the greatest for dating. The Pontiac convertible was a much better choice.

  7. Warmer is better for fuel-efficiency, not that a straight-8 Buick could remotely be considered fuel-efficient.

    I use a 160 degree thermostat, believing the a cooler running engine, especially in an older unrestored car will likely last longer.


    While i surely defer to my friend Ben's expertise in many matters, I'll stand by my thoughts on this idea, at least for my own old cars.

    I might go the other way on a freshly restored version.

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  8. Good luck with the fine-tuning, and hopefully you'll "be in that number" if we actually get to do our Lagniappe Drive-In Movie night in Houma this month (or next).

    Our plan is to broadcast sound on FM radio, and those of us whose cars don't have FM can bring a portable radio or some other substitute

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  9. Fabian,


    Welcome to our Buick community.

    As a former New Jersey resident, but based in (and out, and back), calling New Orleans home,

    I'm delighted to note that your wife enjoys driving the '59 whenever possible, considering NJ weather and shopping center parking lots.

    By the way, in addition to our current collection of exclusively US vintage iron,

    our prior mounts also include 

    MB 250 & 250C

    BMW 528e (now used and shown by our daughter and son-in-law)

    Alfa-Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

    Renault Dauphine Gordini

    Peugeot 504 Diesel


    TR-2, TR-3, TR-3A

    Jaguar XK-120MC

    Saab 93, 900S, 9000

    Volvo 740 GL

    and virtually every 1964-1972 example of Citroen series from 2-CV, Ami-6, Mehari, through DS-21 & Pallas and a few wagons to the SM


    I think the 1959 Buick may very well be the pinnacle of style and design, representing the 1950s and the vision of the space-age.


    Enjoy, and again, Welcome !

  10. Phil, the brake binding you previously mentioned-

    was that because of a brake hose with an internal (2-part hose) swelling,

    causing a "check valve" type issue, not allowing fluid to bleed back?

    I once had this happen with a '52 Chevy convertible with a defective new front flex-brake hose.

  11. 19 hours ago, PhilAndrews said:


    Show winning car it is not, but it's my bucket of bolts and I like it. It's fun to drive, people still enjoy looking at it and this year more than others everybody needs a reason to smile.

    Out on the town in Thibodaux, LA.






    Nice Pontiac !

    We have an active group-

    Lagniappe Chapter of Louisiana Region AACA

    based just down the bayou from you

    in Houma, Louisiana -

    with members coming from as much as 50 miles around in

    Lafourche, Terrebonne, St. Charles, and Jefferson Parishes.

    I don't know when our next actual in-person meeting will be,

    but would hope to have you as a guest whenever we get together.

    Please PM  me by clicking on my name at above left and send me a message.

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  12. Boudreaux and Thibodaux decided to go fishin' and hooked the boat trailer and marginally tied down Lafitte Skiff with a pair of Chevy 454s to the pickup, and figured they better check the trailer lights, something rarely done down here!

    Thibodaux walked to the back of the rig while Boudreaux jumped into the cab of the rusty 36 year old, but great-running Chevy Crew-Cab Long-Bed Dually.

    Boudreaux pulled the light stitch-

    Thibodaux yelled "Dey Work!"

    Boudreaux hit the brake pedal-

    Thibodaux yelled "Dey Work!"

    Boudreaux hit the Left Turn Signal-

    Thibodaux yelled

    "Dey Work - Dey Don't -

    Dey Work - Dey Don't -

    Dey Work - Dey Don't -

    Dey Work - Dey Don't!"


    So they gave up on the lights 'cause they needed to get goin' -


    Just then, Boudreaux's niece, Miss Clotille, a State Trooper noticed them and advised them to be real careful on the road.

    She had earlier been working her way around a huge traffic backlog on the interstate, and the front of the traffic she pulled over an almost new Ford Crossover,  cruising at a moderate 10 Miles Per Hour, driven by the 90+ year old Mother Superior of the local convent. Riding "shotgun" was a fragile and visibly shaking young Novice. When Miss Clotille asked what was wrong since she was driving so slowly, the Mother Superior pointed to the highway sign "I-10". Miss Clotille politely explained that it was the name of the road, and that the speed limit was 70 mph -

    to which the shaking young Novice asked Miss Clotille-

    "Where were you when we were still on old Highway 90?"

  13. 1 hour ago, rocketraider said:

    Wonder what Boudreaux an' 'em would t'ink of Minnesota?


    "Eh, Thibodaux, we ain't in de bayou no mo'!"


    "Eh, Boudreaux, I t'ink it be easier to wrassle a gator dan drive in dis stuff! Leas' you kin make a gumbo wit' de gator's tail!"


    We had a mechanic named Beaudry at work who was orig from Shreveport area. So natcherly he became Boudreaux!


    Being from Shreveport, and north of I-10,

    If he were born there, folks down here would consider him a Yankee, also used fro a northerner who visits and then returns north,

    unless he moved south to Shreveport,

    in which case my wife's grandmother used to say he would be a "Damn-Yankee" - someone who came south and stayed (Like Me) !

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