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  1. I want to start a dialog with a Brass Era restorer who can turn my 1910 Model 10 (Picture A) into a 1910 Model 10 (Picture B - Museum). My 1910 was a running vehicle until I parked in in my foyer. All suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Attached are a few pictures of my 1971 OPEL GT. This particular OPEL GT is equipped with a Buick Motorsport 274 Cubic Inch V6 with twin turbocharged 67 turbos from Precision Turbo, a power glide transmission, and a titanium rear end housing sporting 9" Ford 4:10 gears. This combination produces 1,400-1,500 HP. At the time of this picture the car weighed 2,700# on a 2"X3" mild steel chassis and a chrome moly certified roll cage. In 2008 NHRA ruled this combination would only be certified for 8.50 seconds and slower. At the time this picture was taken it ran 7.52 @ 185 MPH. It is now being put back together with a full chrome moly round tube chassis that is projected to reduce the weight down to 2,050#. It is all about having fun. I'm all for the BCA recognizing OPEL.
  3. I would like to attend the dinner. Just me. Me and my 1928 Model 27 will be heading to Tony Bult's place right after the event for lots of TLC.
  4. I have a 1928 Model 27 that I am trying to get ready for Brookfield. After spending several days completely going through the fuel system and getting the motor running I discovered the clutch is not disengaging. This vehicle has been sitting for 6-7 years so I was wondering if the disks and floaters my be stuck together causing the clutch to be frozen. I am able to start the car in neutral but once I try to put it in gear - no such luck. I can put the car in gear when shut off but obviously when I try to start it I am in gear. I have full pedal travel but it appears that the clutch is not disengaging. Suggestions are welcome.
  5. Sitting around a friends shop the other night the topic of a "One of One" black 1971 Riviera GS came up. Supposedly the original owner is considering selling it and the aspiring buyer wants it real bad. As the designated Buick guru I was asked how such a car could receive a "One of One" status. I had no answer. If anyone out there knows of such a reason why this car would receive the "One of One" status please let me know. Thanks.
  6. It is a 32. Same as my Model 57. The only year they were bowed.
  7. Does this mean that the BCA is going to start recognizing the Opel as part of the Buick family?
  8. Sure. It just depends on how much work you want to do and to what extent you want the car to be streetable. I purchased my Pro Street Opel GT in 1999 with a 455 in it. It also had a Dana 60 which will answer another question you had. Unless you have a 322 laying around a better swap would be a V6 Buick motor which makes far more horsepower than the 322 taking up considerably less space. With the later model V6 you have far more options on horsepower capabilities. Good luck with your project. John Schmidt
  9. I am preparing to do a frame off on my 1910 Model 10. Who is the technical advisor for this era vehicle? Who can I turn to for information about doing this type of restoration? The car is complete and running.
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