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  1. I didn't use the starter spray, poured gas, sometimes a bit and sometimes a lot with the choke both open and closed over about an hour or so then pulled a plug wire, put in a screw driver in it and asked a neighbour to watch  for a spark as the starter button for this Nash is on the bottom of the clutch pedal. No dice with that so tested continuity of the coil wire and that was good. 

    Has power to one side of the coil. 


    Any suggestions accepted.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, old-tank said:

    If it ran with those points and rotor before, it will probably run again.  Try RockAuto for replacements.


    Unfortunately that was 11 years ago and moisture has it's way of creating issues.

    Going to go over connections and clean them to ensure good contact.


    Being in Canada running into a few places that won't ship across the Border (Internationally) but will check them out too. Thanks.

  3. 1 hour ago, High Desert said:

    I'm compiling a list of questions for my Dad to answer on camera about his memories of both driving the car and of the connection he had assigned between a decrepit Buick and his own father who died when Dad was only in his early 20s from a heart attack. I have some other interviews to capture also from other family members and friends. I'm contacting the small town newspaper and school newspaper to see if I can find a copy of the photo that shows him driving the Buick around the school football field while his cousin, just elected homecoming queen, sits high on the folding top in the back, waving at the crowd. 


    Agree with you 100% regarding this!


    I have a few video tapes with Dad and his cars plus a lot of photos let alone three of his antiques so believe me when I say "they are special".


    Dad saved this article from his local paper.

    The T was his daily driver (sitting behind the wheel) in 1941.



    So I support your idea, hearing your Dad's stories in his own words will be a great treasure for all.

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  4. This mornings rain (somewhat needed) has put work on hold today so posting a bit more on the Nash.

    Keith, several years ago (actually a lot of years ago...) my youngest and I were up in Newmarket

    picking up a 10x20 portable tent, stopping for lunch and a group of antique cars rolled in. Low and behold wasn't there an identical black '51 Nash Canadian Statesman! We chatted some before the group headed back out on their tour and I thought we exchanged contact info but looks like I lost it with the last computer hard drive crash. 

    See, I looked further into the distributor Sunday finding no spark from the points so looking to replace points, condenser, rotor and cap before stressing the new battery further. That contact might have proved helpful (if he still has the car...).  

    If your friends with those Nash's might know where to source parts I'd appreciate the help. 


    The box I have on the shelf proved nothing for those new parts so chasing down sources like the Nash Car Club of America and waiting to hear back.


    Meantime, I might have a solution for the vast amount of Buick parts that will need a new home. Details are being worked out so not to jinx this I will hold back those details till confirmation.


    Going to try and finish a small fence I want to put in. Most everything is painted up now requiring assembly/installation.



    This is week 10 till everything has to be cleaned up & or moved... 

  5. Sunday (Fathers Day) was of mixed blessings.

    The good was seeing and talking to both boys and their mates. Got a WiFi extender from one of them and appreciate I will now be able to use my I pad out on the deck now.

    Went over to the Nash earlier to discover my firing issue is indeed moisture in the distributor...

    The rotor looked like this so will have to find the box marked Nash parts and see if Dad has spare ignition parts to put in.



    With that I spent the rest of the time with cleaning her up since it was sitting out.

    The vinyl on the doors had mildew so grabbed my Mothers cleaner and it came up nicely.





    Realised with this shot the lens of my camera has some scratches and the sun makes for the distortion at this angle...



    I use that throw blanket to save the original upholstery some.


    It's coming along getting it to look like she should when I last drove her.

    Looking at the sticker on the back plate proved to be enlightening. It was last on the road in 2011!!


    To be continued...


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  6. 2 hours ago, EmTee said:


    I'd try filing the points.  I'll bet the contacts are oxidized.  give everything under there a good look while you have the cap off.  ;)


    Good call EmTee.  I discussed that (via text) with my go to mechanic last night who stated the very same thing so will be heading over this afternoon and see how things look. 


    Once it runs I will continue with the cleaning as she is really dirty.



    One surprise (and set me back) was opening the trunk to find Dad's case sitting there with some trophy's and plaques from car shows he drove the car to.



    He told me that when he was called up on the draught in WW2 he packed this bag and reported to Wolseley Barracks in London, Ontario, Canada by train. When he got there they asked what branch he wished to sign for and he said the Army.

    During the physical he discovered he had flat feet and with all the marching required they felt it was not the branch for him to serve. Then with the fact he was an only child and his parents had a 25 acre farm they offered him a Hardship Discharge as the war effort felt food was as important as the man power to support the cause.

    Who knows if I'd even be here if things had worked out differently...


    That bag is going to get a good preservation cleaning and hold a special place.

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  7. 10 hours ago, lancemb said:

    Dang, that's a lot of grass!


    Sure is!

    It's a 14 acre property I supply the labour on their machine which takes a full 6 hours to cut with this machine. They are hoping to get their bigger diesel back soon when the correct parts come in. Supposedly it will knock time down to 4 hours. Meantime it's work and a cheque.

    I just need to find my radio headphones...



    Kingsville is located on the north shore of Lake Erie and the property is located across from the Kingsville Harbour which makes for a great spot for a lunch break.


  8. Friday was a hot day on the machine but finished reasonable early so went to the battery store afterwards to buy a new 6V battery for the Nash. No sense in playing with charging an old battery only to find it is beyond it's life expectancy.



    Spent a good three hours today pulling her out to clean and pump up the tires before removing the old battery. The hold down bracket had some residue so took it into the garage and wire wheeled it before painting it and the bars up.



    She cranked over fine but didn't fire up...

    Tried a few things but had to pack up for the day as we have an evening planned.

    Fathers Day will leave me time to try again.


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  9. With having caught up early today I ran over to the garage and spent a couple of hours.

    I'm putting in a fence on the side lot and painting a post before screwing in the braces and boards to clean things up and then painted the side doors for the same effort.



    I then went over to the Nash to see what cleaning it will need.

    Sadly it has been long enough the chrome needs some big cleaning so decided to get at that.



    Patience and LOTS of scrubbing is doing the trick but it wasn't like when Dad gave me the car.


    A little here and a little there...





    So I got about half of the front chrome cleaned up and had to head home but planning on the weekend to see if I can fire her up to move her out and do a proper washing.



    Dad was the third owner and verified from the previous owner (who he worked with) the car only spent one winter of driving here in Ontario since new. It has it's original black paint and interior even though it shows 100,000 miles.

    With it's 6 cylinder standard transmission having had a valve job at around 50,000 miles the last time I drove her it was quiet and comfortable at 55 miles per hour. 


    Will see what the weekend brings to get her running...


    Moving forward....

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  10. Thanks @EmTee for the support and will report today I did spend about an hour accessing where to dig into the garage a bit. Cleaning/moving empty boxes was a start right now...

    Some will be needed to put small things in off the shelves so a bit here and a bit there is where I'm at now. 

    I took a bit of video but can't recall tonight how to post it and maybe shouldn't as it is embarrassing what things have gotten too. 🙄


    Will try and keep active as things show a more positive result.

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  11. The rubber hose is a fuel "supply" line.

    The end of the hose at the rear of the car connects to the gas tank on the fuel gauge which has the pickup in the bottom of the tank. The tube at the top of the tank is only a vent with a short hose clipped onto the cross member above where the springs, are preventing it from draining the tank. 




    My tank is a '58 with the gauge on the side whereas the '57 I believe is on the top of the tank.


    The hose goes onto the fuel pump naturally on the engine. Then there is a hose that goes up to the fuel filter and then another on to the carburetor.


    Hope this helps. 

  12. 23 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

    Hey @dei. Hope everything is okay. Haven't seen a post in a while?


    15 hours ago, EmTee said:



    14 hours ago, lancemb said:

    I was going to also send Doug a jolt.  I suspect the turn in weather just has him extra busy right now...


    Hey guys,

    I saw JohnD's post late last night and was going to respond but had to think about it at the late hour I read it and then saw you both asked today while I was out working.


    First let me say right off that my wife and I are OK physical health wise but my mental health, while questionable at times in the past, is being put to it's test.

    I don't want this to be a "Wendy Whiner" piece but like I'm sure some of you are dealing with, changes to the normal way of life for us are big and don't expect things to be the same ever again.


    95Cardinal reached out (as did Gary - cxgvd) via PM and want to express my THANKS to you ALL for your concerns as I now realise it has been over a month having posted something or accomplished anything with my cars. 


    Let me explain, being self employed in the service industry for 46 years and watching business slowly dwindle away since the "economic (shafting) recession" of 2008 and turning to a more seasonal business, this shut down has virtually become my FORCED RETIREMENT which I'm not really prepared to do! 

    If anyone ever comes up to you and says "You're in business, man you have it made", do me and him a favour and give that person a slap in the head!


    I've worked physically hard to raise my boys, pay off our house, live modestly, preserve my cars, watch my saving (investments) loose 30% back in 2009, gain some /most of that back and now loose another 22% of that and the business sinking only to revert to a labour job to assist the house hold income!

    Am I the only one with these woe's? NO, I"M SURE NOT! 

    It's about like what my business partner said to me when he found out HE had leukemia, "It's not where I thought I would be in my life at this age..."


    I/we have our health so thankful to be able to continue on and ... the one bright light to look towards is we will become Grandparents of a baby boy come around October 31st!!

    Things look good so far and waiting anxiously for a healthy arrival for everyone concerned.


    Changes... I now have to consider selling the place where I keep the cars and PARTS after August 31st so need to find car storage for 5 cars!!!!! That's only 11 weeks away come Monday and... 


    So, the Special is still apart under the dash but I can and have had it running as it sits but have come to the rationalisation that I'm going to sell Dad's beloved '51 Nash to reduce one space requirement.



    It's been sitting for some time and will need some attention when I manage that time... 


    Again I want to thank those who have been following along and reached out before my thread got onto the third page.


    I know I'm not alone here in some ways so THANKS for thinking of me and listening.


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  13. And that dirt road will make you feel comfortable driving slower and actually seeing/enjoying the countryside.


    I'm aware Michigan still has dirt back roads "if you will" but here in my part of Southern Ontario one has to look hard to find a dirt road anymore. Most have been tar and chipped or paved with asphalt.


    I remember a particular trip well taking back dirt roads when I was a kid in a car club members 1931 Buick bus along with a full passenger list.



    That's me on the far right.

    Quite the experience when the old straight 8 couldn't make it up the hill with the full load. it had to unload everyone, back down the hill (almost going into the ditch), back part way up the hill and then give it all it was worth while members assisted by pushing. 



    Ahhh... it seems like yesterday...


    So I'll cheat and post this even though it wasn't today. 😁

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  14. 4 hours ago, Matt Harwood said:

    I should be keeping in my pocket in case cars stop selling when things go to hell in about three or four weeks...   


    I know exactly what you are feeling Matt regarding our hobby / driver cars.

    I have put off getting at my car even with all what I have in stock thinking I will need to put her back together as like what your are experiencing, I'm sure one thing will lead to another and my small business is way off it's mark...  

    Concentrating on bringing in money another way and that is slow so with free storage and no even local car gatherings... leaving those nuts and bolts and tools right where I left them till things are in better shape. 

    God I hate the expression "We are all in this together" from the Powers That Be but here on the Forums dare I say it kinda does apply?

    Hang in Matt, that's all I'm going to do. (What real choice do we have?)

  15. 1 hour ago, JohnD1956 said:


    It will be a challenge this year.  However one side benefit for now is the lack of traffic on the local roads.  It has been nice to get out with the cars and not be tailgated or unsafely passed, and then robbed at the gas pump. 



    Challenging year is right John...


    However, to your statement above, since our P M has started to open a few things up some the traffic volume in town is more like it was back in February. Maybe it is lighter out in the County but with Chryslers going back into production this week will bet the commuters are hitting the bricks anxious for that full pay cheque again. (can't blame them for that)


    As to the driving habit's I've experienced...

    I missed the memo stating that the Rules of the Road during this pandemic have been rescinded like stopping fully at stop signs or red lights, totally ignoring the speed limits, cutting across three lanes (at high speed last minute) and other infractions!

    Panic stops are suggesting I need to do a brake inspection!


    I'm sure I sound like Wendy Whiner here but the gas prices are going up!

    Four weeks ago I paid 63 cents per litre for regular and finally had to fill up again this week.

    It was 93.9 per litre yesterday! The 75 bucks it cost me only put just over half a tank in my F-150  where it only cost me 68 dollars to get a full tank last time!

    And the price of a barrel is at what?

    Collusion and gouging isn't dead yet!~


    Now, if I can just get back to the Special...

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  16. 2 minutes ago, auburnseeker said:

    I told the wife (from a farming community and her family had all kinds of farm animals growing up on their 100 acre more hobby than anything farm) That she tried so hard to distance herself from farming life that now she is knee deep in it (literally) as I watch her out theri in her muck boots cleaning out the coop.  Brings a little smile to my face.  :) 


    Seems the older I get I find myself leaning to things I did when I was young too. 

    Might be that simpler comfortable time thing?

    Guess that's why I kept my High School car all these years...

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  17. On 5/3/2020 at 1:01 PM, 38Buick 80C said:

    Some scratches in the windshield.





    I polished with steel wool and mother's mag and aluminum polish. Followed be polishing compound.


    Much better but still visible. Will just have to keep working at it. Can really see it on the inside. Also sratched from wiper.


    I'm curious as to the process you used with steel wool and mag polish.

    What grade of steel wool did you use?

    Was this done only by hand motion or with a polisher?


    I have wiper scuffing and wondered if this might reduce or clear it up.



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