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  1. 9 hours ago, 95Cardinal said:



    Going back toan older post, I think that bike might be a Raleigh.





    The Crest on the handle bar post reads Royal Scot (Made in England).

    I have not dug too deep into it but figure it's 50/60 ish as it was my father-in-law's. It is also cleaning up nicely and will be nice sitting along side either the Limited or the Special while at a show. 



    I have a 2 inch trailer reciever on the Special now that will take a bike rack and think the trunk of the Limited is big enough to put the bike inside and close it as I used to take the spare tire out and put three of my buddies inside to beat the cost of getting into the Leamington Fair back in the day. LOL

  2. 2 hours ago, 95Cardinal said:


    You're on a roll, buddy! Great progress!


    Thanks Joe.

    Coming from you and being around your Caballero while in progress means a lot to me.

    Now, if we ever get the Border opened up again I'd love to get over, see what you've done with the Cadillac (maybe get a ride?) check out what's going on with your other projects and pick up the motor you so kindly have waiting for me....

    If I had it here I know it would be bolted up to a transmission that's waiting to be installed too. 

    There is much to do before driving down the road but each step brings me closer to that day.

  3. With the last rain fall and water in the garage under the Special I have made arrangements for temporary storage and have been busy cleaning up (and throwing out non Buick stuff).

    Decided to put big items like the collection of fenders in first as they will be the last thing needed for the Limited especially.



    That was fun as being stored at the back of my carport for years I found two possum carcasses on the ground. Man those things are ugly!


    While driving into the yard with the sea can unit I look next door and see this:





    Yes it is a restoration shop which seems to be doing award winning work which unfortunately I can't afford... Wish I could and have the Limited totally done up!


    Meantime, going ahead with moving things into the can.


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    1 hour ago, lancemb said:

    Wow, what a treasure trove!


    You must remember that once I had the Special too at 17 years old and growing up with Dad and his antique cars plus hearing him saying when he heard what model T's were getting that he should have kept his Model T (his first car), I decided to buy things (what I could afford) for both the Limited and the Special, once I realised the differences between the models.

    The only sad part is I have buried things for so long here and there that I have forgotten exactly what I have till now!!


    The bright side is that it indeed is like a treasure hunt digging things up 😁 so makes me want to get the Limited together as was the plan and enjoy her before it's too late.

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  5. Between working, preparing the garage at home, pushing to get a firm quote from the builder and a start date, have been spending evenings cleaning & marking parts.

    The rear bumper end came out quite well.



    Then I came across these.



    As I polished I realised they were a pair of NOS I've forgotten where I bought them...



    Both came out great also.



    Yes that is the dash top for the Special I'm moving along with slowly.


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  6. Thanks Keith on the Nash. Interested at all?

    I hate to sell her but... no room at the Inn soon.


    Speaking of the Inn, clearing out in earnest now as the water invaded the garage for the Special once again, this time getting some boxes soaked so... it has to be moved out eventually.



    With the kids having moved their big items last weekend they will be back and forth for closets and such so not expecting much help from him. They are pretty excited about having their own home and setting up for the arrival of their son around October 31st.

    Me too!

  7. Whew! Busy three days so far!

    After dealing with seepage in the basement at home changing out towels to keep water from getting to the area carpets for most of Friday my son and his wife moved to their new home Yesterday. They hired a moving company but had a few things to get moved at the end of the day yet so got to see the place and at plenty of pizza with a beer to christen the moment.

    Obviously nothing accomplished with the Buick's but had hoped Saturday morning to get the Nash up on the hoist to look into the brakes. Unfortunately Glenn called to say that wasn't going to happen as he had 6 inches of water in his basement!!!

    Total rainfall was indeed 4 inches over 12 hours and we were not alone in the city dealing with water flooding basements. Waiting to hear the numbers but can't wait for the Insurance industry to void any further flood insurance coverage because they had to pay out again here....


    On a lighter note, I did take video of the Nash last Thursday to aide with a sale when back to working order. Will post it when I can figure what to do again to access the account....



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  8. Regarding the Safety Inspection:

    I remember the days when one could ask for the paper after that visit to your car provided he was confident with; 1- that you would bring it by after the brakes, signals, horn and anything else needing to meet standards were done and 2- you promised the car would NOT be driven for 30 days after the signature date leaving him clear of liability.

    Obviously there was a huge trust factor there.

    Clearly the clamping down was due to someone taking advantage and when there was an accident or the full picture was revealed, it's made things tighter regulation wise.


    It's going to be exciting to have both cars at meets (when they come back in full swing again). Does Bev drive the Buick at all? 

    I'm sure you have trusted friends that would jump at the chance to drive either car for you. I know I would if closer and given the opportunity.


    Happy Motoring.


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  9. While out yesterday the wind came up a lot and eventually a bit of rain fell so went to the Special and tinkered with the ammeter. It hasn't been started since about the end of February and got the urge to start her up.

    With a bit of cranking away she went.

    Thankfully the battery was up and she soon settled in to a smooth idle once warmed up.

    I didn't take any pictures but did do some video that I will have to download to post here later. 

    Satisfied I haven't messed up any wiring under the dash I'm now motivated to get things back together as the local car guys are meeting every Wednesday and Saturday evening for a cruise around town and would like to have the option to join in when I can.


    Headed home thinking about gluing the padding and vinyl covering on the Special dash top when I pulled into the driveway and found this.



    Knowing the forecast was for thunderstorms and lots of rain through the night I went at taking the old tarp off after supper and my neighbour came over to help with the new cover.

    Unfortunately we ran out of daylight to get it fully attached and with the 4 inches of rain we have had so far, looks like there will be some adjusting to do when things dry up...



    With the street flooded (due to idiot home owners blowing their grass out on the road plugging the sewer grates) checking our basement for seepage as the ground is dry and water will settle at the footing and can imagine we will have to put towels down to keep it from spreading.

    Fun, Fun, Fun.


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  10. Went to the Shop where the Nash is after work hours to find my mechanic under the hood and found him trying to get it to run...

    Seems after sitting since Saturday he fired it up nicely, planning to drive it carefully around and put it on a hoist to see if a steel brake line hand broken open when it suddenly stalled!

    The glass fuel bowl had fuel in it but it looked yellow.

    Further testing proved it was not pumping up to the carb so disconnected the tank line and the line to the carb and carefully blew air through the pump. 

    Found a kink in the steel carb line so made a new one, connected it back up and ran a rubber gas hose into a small gas can.

    With not much cranking over she fired up and stayed running but had to tap the carb a bit as it appears the float is sticking allowing her to run rich (flood) but stayed running till it settled in.

    Obviously junk fuel (or a bad rubber line) from tank to the pump is/was plugging either the line or the pump so... 


    Next step is to get her inside, up on a hoist to inspect what has happened to the brakes then... Glenn is saying I need to take it home and take the tank out, clean it and put a new line on.

    I really don't have time for that last work as the house sale, a garage addition build and moving cars and parts is overwhelming! 


    Proof positive that cars sitting for extended periods of time will need everything!

    Truly wasn't surprise with this but disappointed for sure as the timing sucks.

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  11. Final effort for the day was to sort through the rear wheel arch moldings.

    I picked what looked like the best and cleaned away.



    Unfortunately the further along I got I realised there was some rust under the chrome which is typical of there parts being exposed to all the road conditions around the wheel opening.



    I believe I have a few more up in the attic of the garage but will put it on the car for now as they are only on with four bolts and two screws easily accessible.



    My neighbour, who is in construction mentioned the other day that he hoped I wasn't going to have trouble with the City leaving the car parked outside like this. Seems he has seen building enforcement offices around the area a lot recently and heard that they are out to enforce build codes/standards now that we are up to stage 3 regarding the pandemic.

    I might put the front bumper on and hang a set of plates I have to argue that it is not a derelict car which I know is an infraction.


    I can prove it is insured as I called Haggerty last year to inquire about insurance and they actually said that as long as I can provide pictures of some progress during the year they had no issue with the agreed value based on pictures I provided before insuring.


    To be continued...

  12. Thinking I would next take off the trunk emblem I opened the trunk and low and behold there are a set of rocker sill covers (among other things...). Backed into the garage like it was and flat tires it was impossible to open the trunk very much so it's a bit like a treasure hunt. LOL



    Seems they are a bit better condition and looks like they will clean up too with some effort. 

    I will put the better of the two on the Limited and be keeping the other set for the Roadmaster. Going to label them for the boys in case I don't get to that one although... motivation is high right now.




  13. In the continuing effort to get the Limited together I went over to the garage with the Special and retrieved the passenger side seat back and brought it home.

    Using a vinyl cleaner/conditioner I cleaned up what vinyl is there and vacuumed the upholstery,



    Typically the top outside corners on these cars open up as the stitching lets go so had taken both backs to RM Restorations years ago and they were able to redo the corners without having to reupholster them. Will see with use down the road how they will hold up but... in the mean time it helps make the car look better together.



    I'm only putting the passenger side in for now as I have to install the rebuilt power brake booster and think access will be better without the driver side back there.

    Going to have to repaint the center pivot post before anyway...


  14. All and in all a pleasant afternoon/evening helping to make the old girl slowly come back to her once proud appearance. I have a few hours more on the paint especially the trunk then the roof let alone finish the front frame and....


    It makes me happy to lay my hands on her like I did when dreaming about the day (at 16) I could drive my Limited.



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  15. Next I went at the driver side tail light with what was left of the metal polish squeezing the very last bit out I could. They are pitted badly but have a complete re-chromed set to put on once she is on the road. Even with the pitting the shine helps.



    With a little cleaner/wax around the chrome I finished with the trunk emblem which unfortunately the plastic popped into the housing but it didn't crack so will take it off later and silicone it back in place.


  16. With a call from my wife that dinner was ready left things out and took a break. 

    Still in cleanup mode afterwards went back to the passenger side to look at the Limited script.

    Something must have fallen while in the garage over the years as it was broken at the "M" but still on the car. Decided to use some silicone to keep it there but will replace it later with one I have tucked away in my goody box.

    While it dried I carefully used my metal cleaner rag and polished up both the script and the chevron.


  17. Looking at the door jamb turned my attention to it since I was right there and my can of cleaner/wax was within reach.

    Using another rag I scrubbed and polished away till satisfied with the shine. I used the rag from the metal polish on the striker plate making it look better too. 



    From several feet away the car will catch some eyes but I'm not kidding anyone (including myself) that the paint job really should be redone to properly show her. I don't have the resources for that now so getting her back together with what I have and running is the objective. One of my boys can decide when the time comes if that suits their desires.


    Meantime I noticed the stickers on the edge of the door.

    Sadly the top sticker is torn off and doesn't show any information as to mileage or the Buick Dealership it was serviced at but the bottom one shows the service centre in Cleveland, Ohio.

    I bought the Limited from an ad in Cars & Parts on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio in 1981.



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