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  1. 4 hours ago, Buicknutty said:

    Neat car, and potentially a very nice car. A '57 Super 2 door would be a nice driving car. What is the colour? Looks a bit like Garnet Red?

    How long has it been sitting, like 20 plus years?

    Just curious, Doug.




    I think you are correct with it being Garnet Red Keith.

    I believe it must have been painted at one time in it's early life as when you look at the firewall it is white or that off white which I would believe was it's original colour.

    Yes it has been sitting for at least 20 years but always inside which as we all know still means lot's of work to bring a car back to road worthiness.

    I did move the engine a bit using the fan with pressure on the belt three years ago to test if it was not locked up. I didn't want to go completely around knowing the cylinder walls would be totally dry. I hoped to go back later to remove the plugs to put oil or a mix in them to help keep things oiled but...  

    While not apart it still is going to be a project for someone and bet Lance can say exactly what to expect with having four '57 Roadmasters.


    Personally I like the four door hardtops and had an opportunity to get a '58 Limited four door once but they do take up a LOT of room and storage is always an issue!  

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  2. It's your car Elpad so any decision is a good one.

    Since you asked, being in Florida and a black car, i'd lean towards the dark tint to cut down on UV and heat build up. It very likely was clear from the factory so if that is what your desire is (originality) that is a good decision.

    Looks really nice sir!

  3. I knew I could trust you Keith!! 😉


    My Buick friend is pretty much alone and while I think he is not running scared, just finally thinking about the future. He has never been able to come to terms of selling his car (not unlike me...) so reached out to me and guessing it gives him some peace that it will be dealt with.

    This all would hinge on the fact I out live him but "I" don't want to go there with that right now!! 


    I might have posted this before but here is the car in it's day.


    Here it is today behind my Roadmaster.











    It will be a "project" for sure as it will need all the Buick fixing that they need after sitting this long but it really is a solid car to work with. The fact that it is all together compared to what I've done with my Limited, well... better for me to stay focused on her !


    After all the '57 shows 74,000 miles where as mine shows 57,000 miles and talks to me every time I go into the garage... 

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  4. I bought this '63 Dodge for 50 buck's in 1974 while living at home still, did all four non power brake shoe replacement myself and turned the front drums while dad patched the lower door and rocker rust using it as a winter beater to keep my '58 Buick Special convert off the road. 


    With the slant six automatic it was no track winner but got me around while in College till,... 

    Running late to my afternoon part time job I rush an advanced green light turning left and with bias ply tires either hit a slippery spot or was just going too fast (or both). The next thing I know I hit the light pole and my face is against the front glass see the light pole against the cars bumper! 

    Didn't appear to have crunched the hood or bumper so tried starting the engine and it just turned wouldn't didn't start.

    Managed to put it in neutral and with the help of someone that stopped to check things out pushed it as far off the road as we could. I had a flat tire so was changing it out when the police came as they had received a call (no cell phones in those days so...).

    I didn't get charged as they believed me (or took pity on me?) saying my tire had blown out but the metal pole had a bit of a bend in it and they said that the City might be charging me for Public damage if they decided to replace it.

    No way would the car start so walked to a store, used their phone, called Dad to come with a rope and waited.


    Long story short, I hit the pole right at the frame/bumper on the right side where it was the strongest and somehow the distributor gear had broken in half.

    I went to the auto wreckers the next day, bought a whole distributor for 5 bucks, put it in and drove it the rest of the winter.

    Every time I took that same turn I watched to see if that pole was changed out. It was not till four years later while doing sewer work on the roads that the pole was changed.



  5. Spoke with my supplier guy about the padding and he said they glue everything to avoid movement so will be getting to that when the weather co-operates. It is only 40 degrees today with winds around 30 miles an hour from the northwest making it feel around 32 degrees...

    I want to spray the contact cement outside and let it set out in the sun so with another 25 days and counting down to the hopeful end of the lock down, will pick a better day.


    Meantime, had a call from a friend who has a '57 Super that has been stored as long as my Limited. He has been thinking about what should be done with the car heaven forbid he comes down with the virus and...

    He asked if that should happen if I would deal with the car in what ever way it would be deemed necessary? Fix, sell or scrap, he just doesn't have anyone in his life that would care or want to have to deal with it. 

    I asked if he was OK, to which he said so far, so good but has had time to think about a lot of things with this shut down and his Buick was one of them.

    I told him that I would he good with that if and when the time came and heard a sigh of relief over the phone.

    The car was "running when parked" but would need the usual things done to be roadworthy again like my Limited. In fact, when I took the original Limited off the road way back, his gas tank had too many leaks to repair and I gave him the tank from mine. He had to have the filler neck moved to fit his but someone got it done and he was on his way again. 

    My friend is not handy mechanically so everything car wise is a big cost hence parking it all this time.

    I need that like I need a hole in my head and would be the first to help getting the car going again if my projects were not in play but the car is in good safe storage sitting behind my Roadmaster so it is in good company.


    Now, if my wife hears about this... YIKES! 😬😱

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  6. Thanks John.

    I might be over thinking this but looking for ideas on the heat / expanding / shrinking thing with regard to vinyl. Of course doing this now, will it be an issue some 60 plus years from now?? LOL


    Sat on it today and will make a call to the fellow that supplied me the padding and might also call a fellow that does restorations who started his business after working for RM Restorations just to get a consensus before moving forward.

    Meantime, spent the afternoon working around the back yard and needing to get out of the house since it was left last fall in a state due to the construction of the new wall, fence and future garage pad.

    Raking up meant lots of dried branches and things so started a fire after supper.



    Lots to do yet but figure I have another month for sure before the lock down gets lifted.

    One thing I found while at the back of the garage was a robin had made a nest and sat there undisturbed by my walking around her while I was that close. I assume it was her mate that was chirping away up in the tree behind.

    Apparently the other nest (which I didn't remove last year) wasn't to her satisfaction and the pair built a new one. 

    Should I tread on thin ice here and say that is just like my.... ? 😘


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  7. I can't say for sure regarding your application but can tell you when rebuilding the brakes on Dads 1951 Nash Statesman the wheel cylinders purchased cross referenced to early Chevrolet wheel cylinders around the years you asked about. 

    While it was a few years ago now I do remember them being very reasonable.


    Measure your old ones and compare to the Chevs and let us know how you make out.

  8. With temps going into the upper 50's today want to continue with the dash top for the Special.


    I have a question;

    Taking the dash vinyl and old cotton padding off I can see they were glued to the metal and each other, using the new what I will call dense foam padding, should I glue it to the metal top and the vinyl or let one or the other float allowing some movement due to heat expansion and contraction? 

    The vinyl is black and the original vinyl material (knowing it is over 60 years old) shrank and wrinkled looking shoddy. 



    Appreciate any thoughts on this.

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  9. Today felt warmer by 11am and was actually able to cut the lawn again after a late lunch.

    After putting the mower in the trailer I went into the garage and saw the dash top sitting there and decided to put the speaker grill on. 



    Turned up the radio and taped some pop can cases together to use as a pattern for both the padding and eventually the new vinyl covering to be put on.



    the padding is a soft molded covering used today which can be cut with scissors and glued to the metal top.



    Setting the padding aside I flipped the dash top over and placed the original insulation to verify I could still use it. 


    Will leave the speaker off until I get things glued up and cut the vinyl to go over the padding.


    It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow than today so the plan (mine anyway...) is to set things out in the sun and get this covered completely then take over to the Special and get at the innards needing to be replaced before I forget where all the nuts and bolts go.


    It seems we have another 25 days before the Province reviews whether the lock down will continue or not. Let's hope!

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  10. Took an hour out of cutting lawns to make a pattern for recovering the dash top of my '58 Buick Special.

    With it painted up I bolted the speaker grill back in.



    Taped some old pop can boxes together and laid it on top to trace the dash and then cut off the excess.



    Instead of using cotton material for the actual padding I was able to get a material used for padded dashes from an upholstery place. I placed the pattern over it, traced it out and was able to cut it with regular scissors.



    Putting that aside for now I flipped the dash over and placed the original insulation to be sure I didn't ruin it when removing it for painting the metal top.



    Since it was cool today I'll wait a day or two when it is warmer to glue them down.

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  11. 2 hours ago, zeke01 said:

    Buick wins!!




    Now, how would you get them apart without more damage?

    Back the Ford up with the wheels turned hard to the left and drive the Buick forward at the same time with the wheels turned hard to the right?


    Looks like the Buick is in need of a new front bumper and bumper bracket at the very least.

  12. 1 hour ago, JohnD1956 said:

    It is disappointing that it happened like this Doug.  I was so looking forward to meeting up with you and the  Special this year.  Perhaps there could be an unofficial  BCA re-union later this fall?  


    Only time will tell for this year John but I look forward to that possibility.

    The good Lord knows we all will need a weekend sense of normality at some point and a photo op beside one of your cars would be a nice start!

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  13. Checking email and the Forums with my morning coffee I read the Official notice that as of today the 2020 National Meet in Strongsville, Ohio has been cancelled not postponed.

    While the decision to attend or not was in the forefront of our minds, it is somewhat disappointing that it is now finished this year.

    However, with all the uncertainty of catching this potentially deadly virus I do agree with the decision made and can only imagine the disappointment felt by all the people involved organising what most likely would have been a great event.


    Thank you all for your tireless efforts and considerations!


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  14. Glad to see you are keeping busy Gary!

    Luckily you have a project close to your heart to stay motivated.

    It might just be me but believe social engaging this year will be very limited till a vaccine puts our health in a better light so looking forward to that happening and getting to see your finished work in person as with others.


    Stay Well and keep posting your fine work.


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  15. Getting a start on the addition so not much to look at yet.

    This is a one step at a time project.

    Now that the pad is in a roll up door will be installed which will give access to the back for now.




    Need my accountant to work hard to find some more money... 


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