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  1. Does anyone know what year DB swiched from 12 Volt to 6 volt? and why? thanks, Mark
  2. Hi Bob, Did I ever send you the copy of the Army Motors article, " Dodge Brothers in the Army " ? If I did look up page C3 in section 2 there is a picture of a white repair truck on that page. read the paragraph next to the picture. it will lead you to a manual that the DBC has, that will help you with your project. If I never sent it to you, I will. Good luck, Mark
  3. Thanks 1930, For some reason the buy/sell section won't let me log in and place the add. so I've been trying here. I'm going to put it in the news letter too.
  4. Bob, mine does not AOOOGA , It's hard to spell the sound , but is sounds like SCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCK !!! and will scare the crap out of you if your standing anywhere near the car. I'm not sure what to do now
  5. Thanks Rodger, I know it's supposed to sound like a rattle. But, Bill Randall at the Horn Shop in Rome, NY tested it for me and found it is a 6 volt model (probably from another type of 1916 car) and the 12 volt system in my dodge overloads it. but it sounds fine on a 6 volt battery. Did Adams Bagnall make horns for other cars too?
  6. Here is a picture of the tag on the horn I have. Can anyone tell me what car this goes to?
  7. I saw this truch on Craigslist Here is the website http://slo.craigslist.org/pts/958084617.html Good hunting, Mark
  8. thats some good info guys, THANKS here is a pic of the engine
  9. Somewone on the site told me that since it had a 112 inch wheel base it must be a Victory 6 what is the diference between a victory 6 and a DA ?
  10. I have seen that car on ebay, It's been on there about 4 times. I gues he's just not getting what he wants for it. Thanks, Mark
  11. Hello everyone, I have decided to sell my 1929 DA . I bought the car this fall on Ebay. I wanted to save it from the hot-rodder who was selling it and didn’t want it to go to another. When I got it home I realized that I know nothing about 6 cylinders or closed cars. I thought I could learn about the car, But I find myself not interested. So it’s time to look for a new home (with a Dodge Brothers Club member) who I know will take care of it. The car is very complete, but in need of a restoration. The body is very good, It has a 112 inch w/b, the fenders are straight and have been worked, sanded and primed. The motor turns free but has not been started The wood wheels are in good shape, the tires hold air and the car is easy to push. The top wood is all here and I have all the door handles and the hub caps. One cowl light is missing. All the doors open and close. car is located in Gettysburg, PA I am asking what I paid for it. $ 4,000 Call during the day 202-297-3532 cell or at night 717-642-8434 home. Mark.ounan@us.army.mil THANKS , Mark
  12. I Just discovered I have the wrong horn on my car It looks right, but it wasn't working right, so I sent it to the Horn Shop and found out that there is nothing wrong with it. It's just a 6 volt horn not a 12 volt ( obviously the wrong horn) My car was built in Mid January 1916. and has a Magneto ignition. Does anyone have a picture, or know where I can find the right Horn? THANKS ,Mark
  13. YES of corse, where is it located? What I am looking for is a 4 door car with a top that folds down and is fast enough to tour with cars of a much later date. i.e. a fast 4 or a 6 cylinder touring car or convertible. Your right about the car size, I my first car was a 68' Caddy and I never shook the big car bug. likewise I was never intrested in coupes eather.
  14. The only number We could find on the cylinder is a 3 and what I think is a 0 (zero) although it is damaged, is the number 30 in the range for Clum DB keys? the car is from 1918
  15. I found this add on line http://www.cars-on-line.com/38683.html
  16. Are there any 32-35 Touring cars (convertible sedans) registered in the club? Anyone know if any are avalable?
  17. Hi everybody, I have a 1918 Dodge Touring car that has no key. is there a way to identify what key would fit the car? Thanks, Mark
  18. Great news Bob, I'm glad one of us got the truck It would have been a shame to see it choped up. lets see some pics when you get it cleaned up. Mark
  19. Hi could you email some pictures? They did not come out on the website Thanks, Mark mark.ounan@us.army.mil
  20. Did one of our brothers win this truck? I hope so. I'ed love to hear from you Mark
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