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  1. WANTED- I am restoring a 1917 Touring. I need many parts including vacuum tank, Top irons and bows, 1st. Kelsey 7 bolt wheels, Axles and hubs for the same. I Will be at Hershey. Thanks Mark Ounan 202-297-3532 mark.ounan@us.army.mil 25 Valley View Trail, Fairfield, PA 17320
  2. I have a 1917 that I am restoring as an Army staff car the engine # is G 842827 there is no other data plate on the car. Can anyone figure out the aproxamate date of production from this? Thanks, Mark
  3. That reminds me, I have to get some tickets for the dinner. I can wait for the trans. I am also having bows made buy a guy in Chambersburg for about the same price. mine looked like they were in good shape, but when the top was taken off, they had been repaired many times and rotten under the fabric.
  4. Hi Dave , welcome to the club ! you have come to the right place. everybody on this site are very helpfull and knolagable. I have a 1916 and a 1917 Touring cars and a 23 station wagon. I'll send you pictures of all them your headlights never had a bar I'm having some top bows made for my 1917 I'll get the info for you GOOD LUCK , MARK
  5. Hi Guys, Some of the parts are for the 17 Touring Staff car Bob. The restoration is going slow. Uncile Sam sent me to Iraq for a year and things stopped there. Now I am back and want to get started again. is that a picture of your car with the PPG paint? it looks great ! I am also looking for a frame and running gear for a speedster project I want to do ( kinda like the yellow one on the DBC web links) I think it would be a neet project , and a way to get some parts back on the road. I'm not sure how they built that one it looks like the body may be custom made. does anybody know? I am intrested in the auction in Ohio Mark, Thanks and I am intrested in that aluminum trans Too. Keep the ideas comming
  6. WANTED- I am restoring a 1917 Touring. I need many parts including > vacuum tank, Top irons and bows, 1st. Kelsey 7 bolt wheels, > Axles and hubs for same. and frame and running gear for a 1915 – 23 touring or roadster. I Will be at Hershey. Thanks Mark Ounan 202-297-3532 mark.ounan@us.army.mil 25 Valley View Trail, Fairfield PA 17320
  7. My "Slow 4 " runs at about 4 lbs too, Mark
  8. Hi, I just saw your post ( 9:00pm Monday night) Did the engine sell? I looked on ebay but couldn't find it , I must have closed. what were you asking? Thanks, Mark
  9. Hi, everyone, I am starting the restoration on my 17 touring car. I need some help, and a lot of parts. #1 problem is the wheels, The car now has disk wheels. I know they are not original but I am stuck with them. The hubs and maybe the entire rear end must be from a later car to go with the disks. two of the disks are no good. so what do I do ? find to disks to go on a car I know will not be original? or try to replace the drive train to except the correct wood spokes. What size should they be? any ideas? #2 I also need many other parts, to include Vacuum tank, top bows, top/seats (lether) My e-mail is oundawg@cox.net Can anyone Help? Thanks, Mark Ounan
  10. Hi Dave, I have a touring car built in Jan 1916. it has an Aluminum pan and magneto ignition. the engine # is not on the left side of the cilinder wall. you may find it on top of the timing chain cover My engine # is 97375+15 body # is 46006. I am almost sure my engine is original. E-mail me and I'll send you a picture of the engine and where to find the number, oundawg@cox.net Good Luck, Mark
  11. It will be about a 2 hour drive from Falls Church to Hershey. you will most likley take the beltway (495) around Washington. then 270 north. 270 will turn into 15 north when you hit PA. look for 581 east at Camp hill. take it. look for signs to Hershey. or do a Map Quest for the Hotel Hershey. that will get you close. call me if you need help. Mark Ounan 202-297-3532
  12. I am looking for a set 4 or 5 or any. 25 inch wood wheels foe my 1917 Touring. ether 6 or 7 clamp and rims and axals for the same. this project will not go far without them. thanks, Mark
  13. I would like to bring my car to Hershey. The car coral seems only for selling cars. I don't want to sell my car, Just share it with others. Is there a place for that at Hershey? Thanks, Mark
  14. I'm looking for info on wheels for my 1917 It now has 20 inch disks My question is : when were disks first avalable? and what were the sizes or diameter of the wheels? Thanks , Mark
  15. Hey Ceril, do you have any picturs of the truck? and what is the color? is it green or black? I am restoring a staff car and would be intrested in seeing it Thanks, Mark
  16. Well guys, I made the plunge and bought Steve McGeorge's 1917 Touring. I intend a full restoration as a Military staff car. So I'm going to be needing a lot of help, with info and advice form Rodger Hartley and John Bittence. and anyone in the club who has a notion of how this project should go. I am looking foward to to this project, and want everyone to enjoy it as well. reply to this or feel free to e-mail me at oundawg@earthlink.net with sugestions, hints or just to ask how it's going. THANKS for all the help the club has already givin me, Mark
  17. My 1916 Touring running boards and floor boards are GRAY from an older restoration (early 70's ) is this wrong? It sounds like they shoud be TAN. Mark
  18. I'm looking for repro running boards. GRAY in color for my 1916 Touring. When did dodge change from tan to gray linoleum? I want to make sure I restore this right. THANKS, Mark
  19. Thanks for the help Rodger, buy the way, with you being the TC for 4 cylinders I sure would like to talk to you and pick your brain somtime. this is me first classic and I don't want to mess it up doing somthing I should not Thanks , Mark
  20. It's a 1916 Touring car. It was restored in the early 70's and is now showing its age (again) It is cracked around the return pipe where the top hose clamps on. And I can see rust looking down in with the cap off.
  21. I am looking for a good shop that does restoration work in the northern Virginia area or Maryland or south central PA. And can enybody recomend a shop that knows dodge radiators? I think mine needs a rebuild. THANKS, Mark
  22. I found it ! it floats fine when the engin is off but has no resistence when the engin is running is that OK ?
  23. Today is Nov 1st Ichecked the spot on the block where the manual says the oil check is but the magneto is mounted right there. am I looking in the wrong place?
  24. Does anyone know where I can order water pump grease? I cant find it anywhere and nowone has ever heard if it. Can I use regular grease? I used regular grease on all the suspention grease cups but was told to use water pump grease only for the water pump.
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