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  1. Hi Guys, I am on my cross country convoy and am having tome trouble. my generator stop charging and now I am running off the battery only. I have to charge it up every night. the fuse is ok and all the connections are good. any idas ? also I am running at prity high speeds 35 or so for long periods of time and the trans is spitting out the gear oil from the drain hole mostly when I an at idel. I am adding oil every day what could be causing this trany to push out oil it needs? Thanks, Mark
  2. I'm the guy who wheres the dumb shirt that says " Wanted 1917 Dodge parts " ( a real looker )
  3. Brother Mark Ounan is planning a Cross country trip in his 1918 Touring car. As part of a Military Convoy that will retrace the first U.S. Army Cross Country Convoy along the Lincoln Highway in 1919. Dan Kerr has been working for over a year to ready Mark’s car for the 3200 mile trip. It will start in Washington DC on June 13th. And wind up in San Francisco on July 9th. If you live near the Lincoln Highway come out and support your Brothers in this endeavor. To learn more about the Convoy go to : http://www.mvpa.org/memsec/downloads/MVPAConvoyPressRelease4-22-09_V00.pdf
  4. I am going on a cross country convoy with military vehicles and the plan is to end up in OR for the meet
  5. In June I am taking my '18 Touring cross country. That will be about 3200 miles in a month. ( but don't think that's average) Ha Ha !
  6. I Have a 42 Dodge Panel truck that was modified buy the U.S. Army and used on an artilery base during WW2. it is all original but the gas tank was rotten and the guy who had it befor me pulled it out and through it away. can anyone help me find a new tank? Thanks, Mark
  7. Sorry, I don't know about 24's. my cars are 16 and 18. I know the tan is 100% original from the factory for these years. and I don't get points taken off.
  8. Here is a pic of my top. Black on outside , Tan on inside. Mark
  9. Thanks Jack, and Dave. I will keep in touch, my plans are still in flux Thanks again, Mark
  10. Hello everybody, I am driving my 1918 Dodge Touring car across country in June and July on a trip that ends in San Fransico on July 9th I would like to bring the car up to KEIZER, OREGON and store it somewhere for the DBC meet on the 20th , but I have to go home in between. can anyone in KEIZER store my car from 10 July to 20 July ? Thanks, Mark Ounan ... 202-297-3532 cell ..... mark.ounan@us.army.mil
  11. My 16 , and 23 start the same way , very slow by todays standards. but as you said they always start.
  12. there are some top irons on ebay right now Look on ebay motors under " Dodge Brothers "
  13. Do you have any Pictures of the truck Stacie ? I have a 23 thanks , Mark
  14. Where are you located DBAcadia ? I have a good top maker in the Pittsburgh area
  15. Hi Bob, Vern from ROMAR has replaced the freeze plugs on my 17 and I think he has them in stock. Mark
  16. Hi, do you have any pictures? thanks, Mark mark.ounan@us.army.mil
  17. yes Bob, about half way in 1916 they awitched from a magneto to a Distributor set up and never went back. Mark
  18. did they go to 6 volt because of the merger with Chrysler?
  19. Could you post some pics of your speedster project? I am planing to build one myself (1917) and would love to see your ideas. Thanks, Mark
  20. Do you have any pictures John? . mark.ounan@us.army.mil . . Thanks, Mark
  21. FYI, I saw this 1923 Dodge Sedan on Ebay ... Item number: 330299372702 it's in San mateo, CA .. It's in ruff shape .. here are some pictures
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