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  1. My 1916 does. I doesn't mater wether the key is in or not
  2. Hi everyone, I just joined the club and am in need of help. I bought a 1916 Dodge touring car in August. I have never worked on a car this old befor. The man I bought the car from did not tell me much about it. I'm not sure how to check the oil. I would like to change the oil, but am not sure how to get started. Can anyone help? My car is # 46006. I think it was built in January 1916. The only numbers I can find on the engin are 97375+15 Is this the engin number? the car is from Texas and never used antifreez, but now is in PA. What should I use? I could sure use some advice on how to take care of my baby. Thanks , Mark Ounan Fairfield, PA e-mail oundawg@earthlink.net
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