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  1. Wht is the wheel base of a 1917 Dodge roadster as aposed to the Touring? Thanks Mark
  2. Hi Alan, I have decided not to but the stuff because is it so far away. the car's ID number is A847828 , that maks production at just about the last week in January 1927. The owners name is Matt and his phone # is 208-830-6449 I asked him if I could give you his # and he was happy to give it. He is hoping to sell all of it together to a Dodge Guy Good Luck, Mark
  3. this drive train would be compleet 1927 and the only thing that would be 1917 would be the frame BTW the drivetrain is in Idaho ( much closer to you)
  4. I'm thinking about buying a Fast Four drivetrain. it includes an engine, trans, axels,propeller shaft and all linkage. Does anyone know if the Fast four engine and trans can be mounted in a 1917 touring frame? I have a 17 frame and am trying to build a speedster is it worth my time to get this stuff? what would you pay for it if you wanted it? Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi Mat, I am intrested could you send some pics and prices to my email mark.ounan@us.army.mil PS where is the car? THANKS ,MARK
  6. Hi, Has the engine been rebuilt? how is the trans, and the breaks? Thanks, Mark
  7. Hi everybody, I am looking for a Fast Four Touring car. If anyone knows where one is or is intrested in selling their's I am intrested THANKS, Mark Ounan 202-297-3532 cell 717-642-8434 home
  8. I would be intrested in any info on an overdrive. I am planning a cross country trip in 09' in my 1918 tourer and want to break 35 miles per hour (with the gears screeming)
  9. I took my 1916 Touring out today for her first long run after getting a full restoration. She ran good for about 30 minuts. Then on a long hill it sputtered and back fired a little and then Died! after turnning around I relised it was not getting gas. Turning it over did no good I had to prime the vacume tank to get it to start. After that it was OK But I never made it up that hill! I have heard of cars haveing to back up hills because of fuel starvation Is there a problem with my vacume or does this just happen sometimes? Thanks, Mark
  10. If you would like to sell the Disk wheeles, I would be happy to buy them THANKS, Mark
  11. Yes, the car is from , near Butler PA and will nee a full restro. The first question is what model is it? I havent even seen it yet so more questions will come soon. here are some pics
  12. Hi Brothers, I just bought a new project. it's a 1929 Dodge 4 door 6 cylinder car. can anyone help me with some information on it? it will need a full restoration. But the guy was going to Hot rod it, and I just couldn't let it go.
  13. Dear Pat, I am sorry about your loss. here in the states that car in that comdition would go for $20.000 easy. maybe, $25,000 is not out of the question. after the fire it would probably go for 7 or $8,000. dollars US. PS. if you want help restoring the car, there are plenty of folks in the DB club that would be happy to help. we can give you many contacts for parts and even send parts too. Don't give up ! This is what the Dodge Brothers Club is for. Email me at: mark.ounan@us.army.mil or call anytime 202-297-3532 What ever you decide, GOOD LUCK Mark Ounan
  14. Hi John, Do you have any pictures? or can you tell us what cars they would fit ? Thanks, Mark
  15. Hi Chuck, I would be intrested the the wheels you don't use wether it's the Bud or wood thanks, Mark
  16. Hi everyone, What are the wheel base changes for the touring cars? I think it's 110" for '14 - '16 ? '17 through ? I am trying to order covers for my 1916 and 1918 And need the info to get the right cover Thanks , Mark
  17. HI Dave, I may have a set of tires for you I'll have to mesure them this weekend they are brand new. Mark 202-297-3532
  18. Thanks, I would be intrested, the tank was gone when I got the truck so I don't even know what the right one should look like. If I could have a new one made I would go for it. mark, mark.ounan@us.army.mil
  19. My seals are a kind of twine that is soked in wax. then packed in the two ends winding around the shafts. I also use ELECTROPLATE water pump grease. it is thicker and heaver then the regular grease that you use on the rest of the car. what are you filling your grease cups with?
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