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  1. the end of the trans where the yolk plugs in. C body. got two wrong seals already. it's fairly small, without any metal lip like later hydros. anyone have an old seal book?
  2. still looking for most of these items. any leads are appreciated.
  3. still need some rear bumpers with brackets, and both left side fenders. running and driving now. pardon the 33 buick wheels.
  4. looking for a dash gauge/speedo cluster in good condition. probably same as 49 also. may also be the same as the smaller, chevy body olds. 206 789 6800 jwworkshop ataol dotcom
  5. split rear bumpers on each side of the spare tire. also need both left fenders in decent shape. they look fine in the picture, but they're pretty rough. here's what it looks like now. seattle, wa. 206 789 6800 jwworkshop ataoldotcom
  6. the chrome ring doesn't have an edge. it goes straight down into the horn ring hub. i sprayed some penetrant around the outside of the chome ring. might help.
  7. i push in firmly and try to turn the center button, both ways, and no luck. my 49 cad button comes off this way, so i assume the olds does too. gummed up maybe? don't want to kill it. thanks, john walker
  8. i need a set of chrome interior window trim in very decent condition. super and roadmaster 2dr fastback/sedanette only. john, in seattle wa, 206 789 6800 jwworkshop ataoldott comm
  9. i'm looking for a gauge cluster in very good condition with good chrome and clean gauge faces. also need a rear bumper that's straight with good chrome, excellent small hubcaps, door sill plates, shifter handle, optional factory turn signal switch, main dash wiring harness, a steering box that the freeplay can be adjusted out, front fender and door chrome spears, vent frames with good chrome. john in seattle wa. 206 7896800 jwworkshop at aoldot comm
  10. seriously need these fenders in GOOD shape. no spare tire well. the thread title reads right rear, but i screwed up. it's the left rear i need. fronts measure 74" from running board, down the middle and to the front lip by the embossed peak. i took pics of the right side fenders because they're decent. again, i need both lefts. john 206 789 6800 jwworkshop ataol dottcomm
  11. thanks for that. still need the actual chrome bumpers and guards.
  12. still looking for a pair of bumpers for my coupe. it has the rear mounted spare, and the bumpers are left and right. need the main bar that bolts to the frame and the chrome bumpers complete. i have the Z shaped brackets. 206 789 6800 jwworkshop ataoldottt commm
  13. how about a chrome ring? the car has a plastic bucket on the left side now, so i may be able to find another one to get by for now. i have a lead on some 31 plymouth fenders. the shape and curvature looks about the same, other than the squared off rear tips and the point at the leading edge of the fronts. may be good for repair sections.
  14. to fit 17" 1933 buick artillery wheels. john 206 789 6800 jwworkshop ataoldot comm
  15. anyone have a couple of the buckets and one chrome ring? found two NOS lenses at the local swap meet, so that's a start.
  16. my front main leaf/bracket has been brazed with a patch front and rear on the driver side where it bolts to the frame. it just looks kind of ugly. the center double curved bracket is like that also, at the center bolt hole. the front bumper is mounted now, so i can live with it until i find better. mostly it's the rear parts that i need. if you care to mail me the main rear bracket for a pattern, that would be great. the old dude at craig spring in ballard could probably duplicate it. thanks, jw.
  17. there's a main leaf that bolts to the frame. i need that. there are two S shaped brackets between bumper and that main leaf. don't need those. i need the chrome bumpers, outer end bolts and the inner end deco clamps (guards), inner and outer. a main leaf for the front would be great also. john 206 789 6800 jwworkshop ataoldott comm. pics were sent to me for reference.
  18. how many bumpers per car? do they attach to the body? for the windshield seals, i found that the rubber lip seal used on the outer side window deco strip of 356 porsches is pretty much perfect. available by the foot.
  19. for safety, i want to add a right tail light. Keiser31 sold me the curved mount, but i need the metal housing and the chrome cover ring. in fact, i need two metal housings because the left one is plastic and doesn't fit well. leads appreciated. john 2067896800 jwworkshopataoldotcommm. finally, a dead mouse that doesn't stink. a couple of headliner offerings.
  20. i emailed F&J but no response. a yes or no would be good.
  21. i need some rear bumpers for this car, with brackets, and the main leaf for the front bumper and the C shaped bracket between the outer bumper and the main rear leaf that bolts to the frame horns. as well as the flat U shaped pieces that the bolt goes through. 2067896800 jwworkshopataoldottcomm
  22. looks like the 2nd from the rear in the top right picture would fit my 31 DH6. let me know if it's still around. 2067896800 jwworkshopataoldottcomm
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