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  1. sounds like a bigtime project. even with a pretty good and complete starter car, it's easy to dump $20-$30K into it. seems too high for a total rustbucket, unless you're into that sort of thing. i would hold out for a complete car and just pay more, like $15K or so. it would be money saved. they're out there. keep looking. i got a one owner 48 super convert this summer for 22K. runs and drives well, some patina, but it's almost too cool to restore.
  2. if it's a factory NOS grille, rather than a repop of the day, i'm interested. you can email me at jwworkshop@aol.com thanks!
  3. i just got a 51 chev station wagon and the floors are not too good. quality and fit-wise, who sells the best ones. the original stamped shapes/grooves need to be reasonably accurate. thanks, john walker, and please email me at jwworkshop@aol.com
  4. any and all considered. i keep having visions of the sky king 50s tv show. running condition a plus. john 206 789 6800 jwworkshop@aol.com
  5. looking at it from the front. if you have a good complete grill, i would be interested too.
  6. thanks paul, left to right, 3,7,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,23,24,25,26,28. yeah it needs a few, but at least 1/2 of them are good. any nice ones would be appreciated. you can email me at jwworkshop@aol.com
  7. trying to slowly restore a 1942 grille. i need any smooth, undented bars, the longer, the better. i can cut them to fit the shorter ones. the center one is different than the rest. 1942 only. thanks, jwworkshop@aol.com
  8. ok, since nobody knows, i yanked it yesterday and they are the same length, a direct swap. i feel better with non-power stuff, because if the engine dies, you can still steer it. the power brakes are getting yanked too for the same reason.
  9. pretty weird car. 41 butt end with a wider trunk lid, 42-48 nose, special fenders. the dash and high cowl is sure ugly though. that would have to be modified if i had that hack. good start, mediocre finish. then there's the fabric top cover thingy. should have been metal and blended into the bodywork, but hell, it was for the shah, and what did he know?
  10. ok, here's the deal. i have a 53 roady with power steering that i want to change over to a standard steering box. are the super and roady columns with box both the same length? does anyone know if the mounting bracket that's welded to the frame is the same for power and non power boxes?
  11. they're the same 46-49 for sure, and maybe to 53, as far as i know. one that's restorable with the tumblers. john 206 789 6800 jwworkshop@aol.com
  12. bump. must be someone out there who's bored with their woodie.
  13. skylark is pretty original, reef blue, repainted years ago. 60K miles, runs out well. not for sale outright, but would trade for a decent 46-48 buick woody in like condition. no rust on the skylark, so no rust or wood rot on the woody would be about right. car is in seattle. 206 789 6800 jwworkshop@aol.com
  14. 2dr only right rear fender and both skirts wanted to fit 1948 convertible. must be very straight, no bondo or rustout. SS trims for skirts needed also if they're nice. 206 789 6800 jwworkshop@aol.com
  15. it's a roller, straight and primed. everything is in boxes except the body. floors have been done, but could be better. both seats, good top bows, some chroming done. engine apart. $9995 firm. in seattle, 206 789 6800 jwworkshop@aol.com
  16. car is a roller, straight and in primer. engine is apart. dash/glovebox has been engine turned, has front and back seats, top bows with good wood rear bow, some chrome done. in seattle. asking $11,000. 206 789 6800 jwworkshop@aol.com
  17. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i just came up with a fairly decent '41 super convertible project that is missing several items. i guess that's normal. i listed the main things in my signature, so if anyone can help with a piece or two, or maybe direct me to someone who can, i would really appreciate it. i'm in seattle, wa, and a floor donor vehicle in the area would be great. feel free to email me about anything. i also have a '53 skylark, '49 roady convert project, '48 super convert, '48 super woodie project, and a '49 super woodie project, and would be interested in parts leads for them also. thanks a lot! _________________ john walker 206 789 6800 my '41 super convert needs a parts car to donate floor and trunk sections. also need door inner garnish mouldings, windshield trim inner/outer, visors, top cylinders, front cloisonne emblem, rear tack strip metal piece, window flippers, one door window, chrome frame, lower channel, nice grille halves, fr fender side whisker and park light unit, among other things. call or email if you can help. thanks, 206 789 6800 jwworkshop@aol.com
  18. 2 door, right side fender skirt wanted for my '48 convertible. a nice straight one, no rust out, with a undented stainless trim piece. will buy stainless piece separately. thanks, john walker jwworkshop@aol.com
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