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  1. looking for a complete set of chrome inside window trim for a 49 buick fastback/sedanette. same as 48-49 cadillac and 48-49 olds 98 fastbacks. john walker 206 seven89 six800 jwworkshop ataoldotcomm
  2. my driver side center piece of the main top frame is bent. the center of the 3 sections. does anyone have that piece or have a lead for me? thanks, john walker seattle wa 206 seven89 six800. jwworkshop ataoldott comm
  3. i need both rear seat cushions for a 1950-1953 buick convertible. 50-53 cadillac would work too. at the very least, a good set of springs. in seattle, wa, john walker, 206 seven89 six800 jwworkshopat aoldottcom
  4. mike, i'm restoring a '53 super woodie and i'm in need of the outer door handle sliding retainer for the left rear door. do you have one that you would part with or any leads? also, i need to buy new rubber for the windshield, front vents, liftgate and rear quarter windows. steele? what have you found that fits well? thanks, john walker, seattle, 206 789 6800 jwworkshop at aoldotcomm
  5. Wow, i was only asking $65K for mine. better reconsider that.
  6. i can't seem to find the windshield number for a 53 super wagon. is it the same as a 4dr? who sells a decent fitting rubber seal for it? thanks, jw 206 789 6800
  7. still available. a nice solid, complete car. drive as is, or restore to be worth double $$.
  8. in seattle, wa. parting it out now. most of the trim items and hardware are off and available. the body won't be around very long. speak now if you need anything. jwworkshopataol.com 2067896800
  9. skylark #999. reef blue, not restored but complete, looking good and running well. owned it for almost 16 years, but never put many miles on it. has about 60K. a local buyer is preferred. too much hassle dealing with out of staters. jwworkshopataoldotcom 2067896800.
  10. on a 1948 98 fastback, mounted with a chrome ring around a plastic emblem on the chrome trunk handle base, above the handle. says "hydramatic drive". does not say oldsmobile. looking for a good one. also need a fuel gauge with a nice face. jwworkshopataoldotcom
  11. Looking for a complete grille shell and grille in reasonably decent condition. I'm in seattle, wa. John 206 789 6800 or jwworkshop@aol.com
  12. mine is kind of rusty. looking for one with decent chrome. 1948 98 automatic. jwworkshop at aoldot com
  13. how is the chrome on the housing? hard to tell by that picture. i need a gas gauge also, but with a clean face. jwworkshop at aol dotcom
  14. found it. 1314707. now to find the crossover number. anyone know the original maker?
  15. check for full throttle at the carb when a helper is flooring the gas pedal. if you don't get full throttle, it won't downshift.
  16. it would normally push in just a bit and twist to the left about 1/4" and then pull or work it out. same basic slot design as a tail light bulb socket.
  17. well i managed to remove the 3 screws blocked by the wheel spokes and took the whole damn thing off. still was a job getting the actual button out of the center.
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