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  1. i need the wood panel below the tailgate at least good enough to use for a pattern. the tailgate and lift gate would be useful also. the wood around the windows, front and rear, in good condition, and any hardware for the rear gates. i really need an outer handle in useable condition. any help appreciated. 206.789.6800
  2. does anyone in the seattle, wa. area have a coupe/convertible parts car that still has good floors? i actually need them for a 50 cadillac convertible, but i think they should be the same. 206.789.6800
  3. all i have are rusty springs for both cars. non rusty springs would be a lot better, or whole seats, even.
  4. i have a set of wheel vintiques on my skylark and so far they have held up well. no loose spokes or chrome problems. i had them made in 8" width due to all the extra space in the wheel well which makes the wheel look too deep in the hole. the new ones also have an extra bead groove in the rim for tubeless tires. i rechromed my ooriginal spinners and got the inserts from buick specialists.
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