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  1. Its time to go. It has been in storage for 4 years. Was a running driving car. Has reasonably repairable lower door and rear quarter rust. Undercarraige great. 350 engine and 375 tranny ran great that was 4 years ago.Top not good. white interior is in good condition. Have other parts such as taillights and grills, new rear 4 link suspension bushings. I have a new tank I bought for my 76 which is now gone it is the same as this 75. Car cover This car is FREE. It needs to be picked up in upstate NY near Albany. email to gydemtoo@hotmail.com if interested I dont come here much at all so if you r
  2. And the funniest thing about all of this, each and every statement about the state of GM is they have record sales, last years global sales was a high.
  3. Well, I really like this car from what I see. The Lacrosse CXS I test drove was impressive so I would think this will be as well. Im sad about the 3.8 being on display as a 195 HP engine. Its on its way out and thats not the way to go. It should easily produce 220+ by now. Its going to get a pounding by the press. Know what I mean - "dy with your boots on"
  4. http://www.autoweek.com/files/specials/2005_chicago/lucerne/pages/1.htm
  5. Their dropping Sunbird or Sunfire what ever their small car is too. Im sure market share will reflect these sales losses. Bonnevilles down the road thing is going to be an upscale import. Just like Oldsmobiles was. This could be a marketing stratagy if this new G8 materializes. Its opposite of what they are doing with LeSabre/Lucerne. Time will tell where this new path leads, it sure is high stakes gambleing. Not doing anything was as well. Solstice is a nice nitch car that I am actually interested in but it will only sell in 20-30,000 units - - - maybe.
  6. This will replace the LeSabre, though there will be a partial or full year overlap. It is on the same G body platform that LeSabre, Bonneville has been on. It will be the sister or brother car to the DTS which is what the Deville will now be called. It is not CTS RWD or STS RWD related but DTS(Deville) related. Northstar will be one engine, still dont know what base engine will be. Its a big reach to see old Chrysler in this car though there were similaritys of the era between GMs and Chrysler of the era. but consider - - We should have good shots later tonight. The next truely "new" Buick ca
  7. Sorry Matt I didnt see your post. The way the bold writting on the side of the car was I assumed it was a special one only racer. I dont know much at all about very old cars. I had been thinking maybe it was more like that Ford racer Henry had,forgot what that was called. I have 2 35mm photos and no way to post them.
  8. Thanks, that sounds like the car. I was going to say Maroon but in one of my pictures with the sun it looks deep red. Exposed and protruding front leafsprings. Nice grill. Now the question is what is its history? I dont believe they raced it at Limerock, just displayed. I cant remember what was parked near it and my 2 pictures dont show either.
  9. No one know anything about this old car ? Its a open wheel or fenderless roadster,if thats the right name for it. Looks like an old Indy car or something, maybe used at Daytona. I dont know much about the very old racing days. Its has a Buick emblem with wings, says Buick 8 on the side ?
  10. Thats a beautiful car. The motorama dream cars were something we just will never see again.
  11. What is the story behind this car ? We went to the Vintage car race at LimeRock this past summer and there it was.
  12. Hi guys, I wanted to throw a few of my thoughts on this. I didnt read the whole discussion or even all of the first post. Sorry, I wish I had been following it from the start. I dont come here much anymore. As a 47 year old owner of cars no older than 1975, Ill tell you what I think may have hurt new participation of this kind of hobby or club. 1. Just as the market has changed for American cars so has the collector or enthousiasts. All the young action is in the Import tuner and if it slips to American cars it will be the muscle cars. 2. muscle cars are becoming outragously priced and young p
  13. I agree entirely with Rocketraider. This poped up earlier in the fall on another site and my comment was "how original" Id rather take a 66 or 67 rusty and repli the Dean Jeffries custom with a highly worked 425 engine and 425 tranny. Thats what I would do with unlimited resources. What about doing some research on the Pikes Peak car prep and going with something like that. At least both of the above would still be Oldsmobile and Toronado. What about digging around and seeing if any of the Oldsmobile experimental engines are laying around somewhere unwanted. I think the LS1, LS2 and LS6 are a
  14. Im glad to hear that. He did an awsome and creative job on the Toro that did not diminish its appearence. It only made it more stunning and very agressive looking.
  15. Kinda off topic but similar so I wanted to tell. I have a early 70's basic body work book that has a chapter on customizing. Needless to say George Barris was mentiond and shown often. It also has a most awsome photo of a custom 67 Toronado that had the front razors and hood extended. This was also a further exageration of the interesting W shape that was almost a GM trademark of the period. This was not a Barris custom but someone named Dean Jeffries. It is some awsome looking car and in my opinion really took the razor fendered Toro to a higher level. If you are interested in maybe doing so
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