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  1. Great Show! A great selection of cars and a time to visit with old and new friends. Congratulations to all the volunteers and organizers. Bill
  2. I enjoy Hershey every year and thank all those who put on a great flea market and great car show. There needs to be someone managing traffic at the PA 39 end of Boathouse Road in the evening. On Thursday and Friday evenings at around 5PM, there is traffic from spectators leaving the two lots at the end of Boathouse Road. I went back to my trailer on Boathouse Road those two afternoons and had the opportunity to pull out with this traffic. There is two lanes of traffic headed north and two lanes of traffic going south toward Hershey Park Drive. It is a very unsafe condition for cars pulling out and going south who have to cross two lanes of traffic and merge with traffic going south towards Hershey Park Drive. I was told there was someone there until about 4:30, but then they left. There needs to be someone there until at least 5 or 5:30. Bill
  3. I've been to more than a dozen Grand National Meets and they never cease to amaze. Always great cars and usually in a great setting. This meet set the bar for great place to have a car show. I usually have some anxiety about trailer parking and getting in and getting out of these shows, but this one was a treat. It was well organized and from my perspective was as smooth as any. My only anxiety was probably self inflicted. I must of messed up my registration, because instead of expecting to be judged for a preservation tab, I had a windshield card that said Repeat Senior. I had hosed off and vacuumed my beater Met before leaving home, but when I got to the show field I spent some extra time cleaning. My apologies to the judging team for having to spend time with my car. It was next to a Isetta so it was invisible anyway. And as a bonus, it was a great picture taking day. Great show. Thanks to everyone involved. Bill Red and White Met.
  4. A 60 Met Convertible burned a valve and the owner, a mechanic, parked it on a manure heap for 25 years. There was one owner between the mechanic and myself and we did not know each other. I spent a few years working on it and after I was about done I took it back to the mechanic for an inspection. The smile on his face made it one of my more fun restoration days. It went on to be a Grand Nat Sr. Bill
  5. http://s190.photobucket.com/user/clarkwd/library/2015%20Hershey Here you go. Enjoy! Bill
  6. I got the registration form for the webmasters in todays mail. Did I miss the NL editors registration form or is it in the mail? Bill
  7. I thought this years flea market and show was great! It was the thrill of the hunt for old car parts and old friends and I was not disappointed. Saturdays show was one of the greatest and I'd especially like to thank whoever moved the class 04 cars back onto the show field. The weather was just perfect for pictures and I got to use the eraser feature on my Galaxy. As long as the people keep moving you can get a clean picture of the car. A few of my snapshots are here. Thanks to the Hershey Region for a job very well done. Bill <iframe src="http://s190.photobucket.com/user/clarkwd/embed/slideshow/2014%20AACA%20Hershey" height="360" width="480"></iframe>
  8. Another great show! This was some of the best picture taking weather ever. A special thanks to whoever moved the class 4 cars back onto the show field. Bill
  9. My 55 Studebaker Speedster. Rescued from the trash bin. Grand Nat Senior. Bill http://rustyrestorations.org/
  10. This quote was in reference to 2011 Hershey.I had a Met at Hershey again this year, but did not register it for the show. I missed seeing the show due to a family emergency, (all's OK), but I noticed in the program that the Class 04 cars were once again parked in with the daily drivers. As I stated in my first post, I don't mind the idea of class 04, but after spending the time I did making two Grand National Seniors I don't feel appreciated, being told to park my Mets in the rough. Bill
  11. Steve's son was in his old spots with friends from home, peddling some of his stuff. I bought a showroom sign from them and went back to my space for my wagon to haul it out. Before I could go get it, I got a call that someone else wanted to buy it and would double my money. I told them to sell it. My guess is the second buyer sold it before the day was out and doubled his money again. We all had a good laugh when I went back to get my share. There is nothing quite like Hershey. Bill
  12. I just want to say thanks to the Hershey region for putting this on. This is an enormous task and the volunteers and paid security people all do a great job. I arranged to have people from LA, Texas, Nebraska and Georgia come help work a Metropolitan Club membership tent. They traveled all that way and arrived to almost nonstop rain. To make it worse, I had to leave early for a family emergency Thursday and took my Met with me. (All's well now at home) For myself, I got to walk the flea market a bit, had some fun window shopping and renewed a bunch of acquaintances before I left. The others, who were nearly flooded out in the camp ground, got soaking wet and had their EZ UP destroyed by the rain, still held out to the end, got to see bits of the flea market, the car corral, the auction, the Saturday show and make new friends, have been writing to say what a great time they had and to encourage me to do it again next year. My friend, the late Steve Boettger, used to call these the High Holy Days of Hershey. Even bad days at Hershey are great days. Thanks to the Hershey Region Bill
  13. Did anyone take a camera to Moline? I need a picture for my newsletter. Bill
  14. Bob When I started doing mine, I looked for the list of award winners on line and reviewed their letters. Its certainly a good idea to look at the winners to see what the judges like. I also judged my newsletter myself. I think the score sheet is pretty straight forward and has much less subjectivity than the car judging. My April letter is here and all the old ones are in the Newsletter Archive on the link. Bill Iroquois Region, AACA Inc - Home
  15. I was not clear Wayne. You will get the entire page. Then use Word to crop it back to just your beautiful picture. (Click on the picture, then Format>> Crop) Works for me Bill
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