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  1. My personal thoughts are I agree with the wind tunnel crowd. Every little doo-dad added that didn't affect functionality, added drag, expense to manufacture, or expense to replace (think insurance companies and accidents) were considered unnecessary. While I can't dismiss those on the EPA regs or customer-demand side, I don't think people consciously decided not to buy a car because it did/did not have chrome/fins/whatever. I mean do people decide not to buy a car because it does/doesn't have 8 zillion cup holders?
  2. Getting back to the original post of not feeling any connection to modern cars, I fully agree. I believe it is in large part because we don't/can't work on them ourselves anymore. In (many?) years past, we changed our own oil, tuned the engine, added headers, changed carbs, put on fancy wheels, etc., etc., etc. Today, because of sensors, emission controls, and computers that won't recognize some aftermarket parts we don't do anything with our cars. Heck, we can't even check trans fluid levels because there's no dipstick! It is only getting worse. Our newer cars tell us if the tire pressure is
  3. SC38DLS, what a great video! Everybody should see this.
  4. What do I like about the Forum? Where do I start? I am pretty new to the Forum and I had some questions/concerns about my first antique car I'd acquired a few years back. Though, I'm sure my ignorance was out there for all to see, not one person who responded said anything derogatory or 'snotty' to me. The responses were informative and well-written. I greatly and humbly appreciate the time they took to respond. In just the few months I've been on here I have learned more than I could have imagined. The posts I've read not related to my questions are amazingly informative! From personal experi
  5. Saw a cop who'd caught a young couple being overly amorous in the cemetery the other night. The cop asked if they'd not seen the sign that said "No entry after dark" to which the young man replied, "No, sir, we just saw the sign that said 'Get lots while you're young.'"
  6. The wife and I have had both doses of the vaccine. We got them for two reasons. 1) We've had two family friends die of COVID, one 60, the other 34. 2) My wife's disorder gives her an 11% survival rate if she gets it. She got the vaccine for herself, I got it for her. No side effects to speak of, though after the second dose we had a strong urge to buy Microsoft stock. Weird.😂
  7. I agree with 28 Chrysler. If not for an insulated cooler door, then some kind of very thick door. The hexagonal rod would allow it to slide through the door and fit some type of interior mechanism, while the nut on the other end could fit an interior handle.
  8. I'm a little late reading/replying to this thread, but I have two comments: First, I have a 1925 Chrysler 4. The first thingg people say is how great it looks, and then ask' "What is it?" "It's a car," I reply matter-of-factly. After a second or two of their confused look, I tell them what it is. Second, padgett: I almost know what you mean. I live in SoCal and summers get really hot here. I once parked my Harley and started to walk away when I suddenly noticed it was slowly leaning more and more. Turns out the heat had softened the asphalt so much that the kickstand wa
  9. I 100% agree with what's been said. I live in California and I pay a $40 fee for my YOM plate (plus regular registration fee), plus about $100/year for full coverage insurance (comprehensive plus liability) for just my antique vehicle (you don't want to know what it is for daily drivers). Anyone who drives anything without some kind of liability coverage is insane, or has absolutely no assets. I carry $300K in liability coverage because in California we have the highest per capita ratio of lawyers who are drooling at the mouth to sue you for as much as they can for the least little thing.
  10. I saw this T-shirt during the Bush (2) era: "Haven't we taken this Anyone can grow up to be president thing a little too far?" Never went out of date.🙄
  11. More on pigs: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. ...and to put things in perspective for any working person: I'm not allowed the run the train, the whistle I can't blow. I'm not allowed to say how far the train's allowed to go. I'm not allowed to blow off steam, nor even clang the bell. But let the damn thing jump the track and see who catches hell!
  12. I'll trade you a little snow for a little summer warmth from SoCal.
  13. Mine, yellow 2000 Dyna Wide Glide, my son, blue 2019 Softtail Slim. Anymore I defy gravity just staying upright.🤨
  14. But OTOH, this past summer, and I live in the foothills of the mountains.
  15. I sent this meme to my sister in Maine and she (lovingly) called me a bad word. I know it's kind of perversely funny, but everyone was posting their weather pix, so... High of 74 degrees.
  16. On the topic of bumper stickers, I saw these a few days ago. While not funny, they do make a person think: The surest sign that there is intelligent life in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us. Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig enjoys it.
  17. Fossil, Thank you for your service, and I agree with you. Thanks to those with the positive feedback. However, I only wanted to post my bumper sticker and did not intend to turn this into political discussion. Back to bumper stickers anyone?
  18. I have read with sadness about the lost loves from disease or divorce. 45 years ago when we were first married , she was substitute teaching and I was going to college after a tour with Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. We slept on just a mattress on the floor and our dresser was cardboard boxes stacked on end. But we had each other. One day I heard Neil Sedaka's "The Hungry Years." (quoted below) Here we stand just me and you With everything and nothing, too It wasn't worth the price we had to pay Honey take me home Let's go back to yesterday I miss the hungry ye
  19. Wayne, thank you so much for your kind words. My wife has relapsing-remitting MS which flares then subsides, but you never regain all that was lost in a flare-up. I'm guessing your friend had Primary Progressive which attacks and never stops. We live every day to the fullest (as best we can). Most people have no clue about its progress. Attacks motor center of the brain? You can't walk. Vision ctr, blind; autonomic system, stops the heart or breathing, dead. As you said, it is an insidious disease;a long, slow,cruel death and there's not a damn thing anyone can do. Our condolences on your loss
  20. Padgett, I don't like to be presumptive, but if you were asking about a USAF bumper sticker, I do have one for the AF. It does say "I served" instead of "I carried" but that is easily changed. Just say the word. Thank you for your service!
  21. Captain Harley, first, thank you for your service! I already have one I did for a friend. Feel free to use it. I'd prefer you not widespread distribute them (but I can't really stop you :^) ) If you need, I also made them for Air Force and Navy but they say "I served" because other than the APs or SPs I don't know many that carried (if that's what they want to call it.).
  22. The boss came up to the new salesman at the end of his first day and asked how things had gone. “Great,” said the new kid. “I sold about $110,000 worth of stuff today.” Amazed the boss asked how. “Well,” said the newbie, “first I sold him one of those new lures, and of course I sold him new line to go with it. I then said he’d probably need a new reel to go with it, and he should probably get a new pole, too. Which he did. Then I talked him into a new boat and trailer, and of course he’d need a new truck to haul it. All total about $110,000.” “That’s amazing,” said the boss, “all because he ne
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