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  1. Any time spent changing the color of an old truck from purple to something else, is time well spent.
  2. If you find a radiator cap with an elephant be sure to hang on to it.
  3. Not very interesting but the fastest car I’ve driven is my wife’s current daily driver, a 2017 Ford Edge Sport. Great car, wish I could get a stripped down non lawyerized version with the same engine. The little twin turbo V-6 with paddle shift is a hoot.
  4. I worked for him for a short time in the early 90s. His collection at that time included a 1902 Oldsmobile, and 1910 Maytag, a Model T, a 1913 Mercer Runabout that sold at auction earlier this year, a then recently acquired 1932 Chrysler rumble seat, a stunning 1932 Auburn Phaeton, and a few motorcycles. My first day on the job I spent the entire day polishing the Mercer. It got more fun after that. Link to Mercer auction: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26618/lot/142/ Lifted this from Pintrest: I cannot say if this was his but it certainly looks like it. There is not an abundance of 1910 Maytags. There was a bracket of some kind on the rear that was either repaired or reproduced. He had it artificially aged to match the car.
  5. If the diameter is the same as the V-8 it would be simple to machine it down.
  6. A collector moves his cars by starting and driving them. A hoarder moves is cars by digging them out from under the old wall paper rolls and packing crates and hooking a chain to them. A stockpiler is just trying to keep them away from the hoarders.
  7. That would undoubtedly be the most effective solution and I haven’t ruled it out, but it would involve irreparable modifications. Only people who take themselves too seriously.
  8. The one I remember most was the little old lady at the end of the street. Actually it was my brother who remembered and related it to me. She had a red car that she traded in on a 6th generation Riviera. My brother asked me, “Do you remember that red car Georgia had? That was a Hemi Cuda.”
  9. I mean other the the window units you see spray foamed into Suburbans in the Walmart parking lot. A quick search didn’t turn up anything recent, if there’s a recent thread about this if someone would kindly direct me to it. Otherwise, does anyone have a recommendation for a portable AC for our base model sedans ordered by some cheapskate who figured he could just roll down the windows? There are even cordless rechargeable versions available. Prices are $50 to $1000 in all shapes and sizes. Almost sounds too good to be true.
  10. Do I understand correctly that the a-arms from a ‘59 can be retrofitted to the ‘57, eliminating the unobtainable ball joints? Or did I dream that?
  11. I must agree with the above two posts. I did the same thing with an old truck, snapped an axle at an intersection and there I sat. Bought a complete used rear axle/differential from a wrecking yard and still drive it today. In another truck I stripped the differential ring gear, the symptoms sound closer to what you describe, but the fix was the same.
  12. Another bit of trivia, if I’m not mistaken, the crash occurred near the site of the picnic scene in To Catch a Thief.
  13. This garbage will continue for exactly as long as we allow it. Long over due for some pushback.
  14. My Dad always told me you had to dissolve the sugar in warm water.
  15. Still my favorite but I’m sure there’s many I haven’t seen yet.
  16. I had a bottle of Hutterite wine that I never had to the courage to taste. No idea what it was made from but I kind of suspect dandelions. It was mostly clear when it was given to me but as time went on it turned more yellow. Just the smell of it turned my stomach so I figured what the hey, and I soaked the 2 barrel off my 57. Disappointingly, the conventional products do seem to work better.
  17. Depends on your time and financial resources but whatever you do don’t rat rod it.
  18. Maybe the Russian dating service will deliver the parts.
  19. B-52 Bombers are expected to be flying at 100 years old.
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